Engaging Social Posts for YOUR Ideal Art Buyer Miniseries

By Jessica Craddock

Sep 23

Have you ever noticed all the headlines in your inbox about the newest function you need to learn for your favorite social media platform? 

  • Spilling the Tea on the Latest Instagram News
  • Next Level Stories - How to Spark Endless Engagement with IG Stories
  • Instagram Creator Accounts - Secrets Revealed! 

I believe this is why so many artists feel overwhelmed when it comes to social media marketing. You’re always behind. Sooo depressing. 

Here’s what I want you to know: while learning those newest, trendiest functions might get you a spike in followers this week, by next week it’ll be old news and you’ll need to learn the next thing. If that’s your jam - great. 

It’s not mine. I like to learn (and teach) the timeless stuff. The stuff that will still be good many years from now. The stuff I can learn, improve on and go deeper with. The stuff that will be a real helper in my business - not a flash in the pan.

That’s why this next monthly topic is so exciting.

It’s called the “Engaging Social Posts for Your Ideal Art Buyer” mini-series. First, you’ll learn the process I use to figure out who would buy your art. Next, you'll learn how to talk to them on social media in a way that makes you stand out so you can attract people who feel a deep connection with your art and lead them through the buying process.

In this first video you’ll learn:

  • why you’ll be able to stop trying to figure out “why you’re unique”
  • why you don’t need to change your art to attract customers
  • how to create the foundation of your Ideal Art Buyer profile
If you don't know who would buy your art, or how to talk to them, this is the series for you.

"It feels like a total stumbling block. I can't visualize selling anything because I don't know who will buy it. It's not real. I don't know who I am talking to! she told me.

This is the reason I start every one of my clients out with creating the Ideal Art Buyer profile. 

If you don’t know who you’re talking to, you’ll never sell art consistently online.

Every one of my programs begin with figuring out why someone would buy their art, so they can shout it from the rooftops. 

Today, I’m giving you my step-by-step process. I want every artist to have access to this information, and I’m giving away my signature process for free. 

You'd be crazy not to pay attention!

Watch the video below to learn how to create your Ideal Art Buyer profile so your marketing can start to be fun, genuine and effective.

I woke up this morning to find my dogs had escaped, again. 

15 minutes later, I heard a gunshot. 

That’s not all that uncommon where I live. It’s elk hunting season. But still, I got a little worried. 

I wanted to go out looking for them, but that’s a bit of a ridiculous thing to do. Have you ever heard of Mesa Verde? The property I live on backs up to that... so, ya. 

I had two choices: wander aimlessly around miles of terrain looking for them, or worry till they got home. 

Neither scenario was a good choice. 

What does this have to do with using Instagram to sell art?

There are two main types of artists trying to market their art on Instagram... 

  • 1
    Good sharers who avoid asking for money in their captions.  They’re scared, don’t want to be pushy, or secretly believe no one will pay.
  • 2
    Minimalist sharers whose captions include just cold, hard facts such as: "4x6”, $125. Contact artist to purchase"

Neither of these scenarios are good choices either. In one, you’re wandering aimlessly hoping for the outcome you want, and in the other, you’re worrying your art isn’t good enough because no one is buying. 

You need to be able to connect with people, but not at the expense of being scared to ask for their business. 

You need to consistently ask for their business, but not at the expense of connecting with people. 

If you want to learn how to ask people to support your art in a way that keeps them wanting to hear from you, this video is for you.

It can be done!

P.S. In case you are worried about my dogs, a few hours later I opened my door and there they were waiting for me. Safe and sound and ready for a bone. 

P.P.S. Engaging Social posts for YOUR Ideal Art Buyer is now closed for enrollment, but you can find out more about my current offering(s) here!

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Do the work & create your luck,

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I’m a mentor for intuitive visual artists to sell more work, more consistently, at higher prices — with better work/life balance. Founder @ The Artist Market Co.

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