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One Smart Post is Worth 100: Content Marketing for Artists
Content marketing for artists doesn't have to be the pain in your a$$ you think it is. Keep reading to discover how to create posts that will help you sell art & spend less time thinking up brand new content, over and over, with no return on your time.
Get more art website visitors using Pinterest
If you are desperately racking your brain trying to come up with ways to get eyeballs on your art website, look no further than Pinterest. It may sound cheesy, but Pinterest (done right) is a traffic machine. It's free, it's effective, and it keeps on giving unlike other social media channels. Once a pin takes off, you can get traffic off it for years.
The times they are a’changin…
After all this reflecting, I've decided to shift The Artist Market Co. (TAMCo) a bit. Really, the core is the same. I've just gotten a little more specific about what it is that I will or won't teach... ...Because I want you and I to be an IMPECCABLE fit. The only way that can happen is if we're on the same page. That means I'm creating some boundaries for content coming from me in the future. Here's the rules. Anything I write will...
Use Facts to Stop Working for Free
Most people waste time on the wrong things. You already know this. Last week you buckled down. You made it a goal to stop wasting time on social media and tv. You even put in a full 40 hour work week. You organized your files, made your website a little prettier and put together some canvases. These tasks are all well and good and have to get done. When you’re a starving artist with a limited budget you don’t have a choice but to do 'all the things'. You made an A+ effort - you're just spending all your time working on the wrong...
Earn More Money per Sale using Art Packages
Do you wish you could charge more for each of your pieces, but you already feel like they're priced right and are afraid higher prices will hurt your sales? There is a better way! It just requires a little creative brainstorming and a new way of offering your art for sale. Some call it upselling, but the idea behind art packages is a little more targeted. You want to provide extra value to an item the customer already wants to buy, without outpricing buyers who can't afford more.
Get website-worthy photos with a smartphone
Did you know that nowadays you don't need a fancy camera to take website-worthy photos? Yep, that's right. Just pull out that smartphone. (Let me interject real quickly by saying... if you want images for selling prints, you'll need to buy or borrow an SLR camera. Smartphones need not apply here.) You just need to know a few tricks to make your phone's camera perform to the max.