Engaging Social Posts for YOUR Ideal Art Buyer

engaging social posts for your ideal art buyer

don't know the focus of marketing you and your art?

Posting your social everyday just isn’t fun. You’re sharing your art and writing captions, but they feel pointless. Likes and comments are great, but how does that help you sell art?

You don’t know how make social media a helper in your business. If only the hundreds of hours you've spent were helping you gain traction. Right now it’s time down the drain. 

Your feed makes you feel like a fraud and there's a lot of emotion and feelings in the way. You don’t know how to attract people who feel a deep connection to the art you’ve poured your soul into. Even if you knew who they were, you wouldn’t know what to say to them.

WHAT IF i could show you how to connect with people?

Imagine having a rock-solid understanding of the type of person who would feel connected to your art. 

Not only are you clear on your person, but you hold a roadmap that shows you exactly what to say to get people to visit your website, sign up for your email list, and buy your art. 

A plan to show them YOU are the artist they want on their wall over all the others. You know how to talk to them easily, day after day.

And best of all, you're doing all this without feeling like you're shoving it in their face. You’re valuing and being generous with followers you feel connected to, without having to put your whole life out there.

Getting more sign ups

I am getting more sign ups for my e-news and I feel much more confident in my marketing. You speak the language of artists. You understand our reluctance to self market and you make it do-abel.

- Michelle Motuzas

Shaman artist


  • You're not sure social media is supporting your business, even though you spend all your time on it.
  • You don't know who would buy your art or how to talk to them.
  • You want to generate money through your talents and you're ready to put your energy into it and jump in.

I'm a consultant for artists who are losing time and money.

They're feeling overwhelmed by all the possibilities and missing strategies because they don't know who will buy their art. I give them a plan to make more sales by knowing what their ideal art buyer needs and wants, without losing any of the artistic qualities of their work.


  • Walk away with a rock-solid profile of the type of person who will connect with and value your art 
  • Have a plan what to talk about every day so you can know how to talk to your person easily, genuinely, and in a way that gets them to visit your website, sign up for your email list, and buy your art. 
  • Spend less time thinking about and writing social media posts so you can spend more time creating art. 

I have a clear direction.

This has been invaluable. I have a clear picture of who my ideal customer is. It’s given me direction. Before, I had a long list of to-do’s in all aspects of my business. However, I was stuck and couldn’t move forward until I got these answers. Now I have no more excuses and finally can start checking off my list.

- Marieka Diepenveen

Alcohol Ink Landscape Artist

People are engaging!

I already changed my captions on Instagram, following those topics about my buyer, and it already made a huge difference! I've noticed people starting following me, liking the posts, writing comments, engaging. I'm so happy and so grateful!

- Priscila Serato

Abstract Quilter


This is a 6 week program where you'll learn in a small group setting and receive individual feedback from me. 
Ideal Art Buyer Profile

You’ll create a completely customized profile of your Ideal Art Buyer: what they want, why your art is valuable to them, and what you have in common. This is the piece of the puzzle that'll make your marketing stand out from everyone else so you can attract the people who will connect with your art. 

Custom daily Caption Plan

Using your Ideal Art Buyer profile and this detailed daily caption plan, you'll know what to say to appeal to YOUR people, as well as the purpose of each social post you write. You'll be hard-pressed to run out of things to say when you get your hands on this baby - and you'll finally understand how to use social media to your advantage, without feeling like you're shoving "BUY ME" captions in people's faces all the time. 

Three live interactive classes 

Your two hour classes will be taught live so I can walk you through the process, use real examples from the students in the classroom, and answer questions in real time. You'll get all the juicy details on how to figure out who wants to buy your art, tell them your art is uniquely special to them, and warm them up to buy.

No artist left behind

After every live class, you'll complete a project to help you create your Ideal Art Buyer or learn how to write your social media posts. This won't be another class you'll sign up for and never get around to, because I'll be giving you deadlines so I can review what you are doing, give you personal feedback on your profile and social posts, show you your blind spots, and make sure you know how to translate your thoughts and captivate your audience.

Supportive group

Instead of a Facebook group where questions get lost, we'll use a simple platform called Slack during the program so you can receive the stimulation and inspiration that comes from being part of a supportive group. I'll be in to answer questions during the week, giving feedback and pointers to build confidence. 

I'm more confident

I've been more confident with my marketing because Jessica helped me understand what people want to know so that I can provide that information authentically (instead of trying to slam my meaning into a sales script).

- Ronee Parsons

Art made from memories 

You'll finally have a path to systematically market your art, put the most genuine version of yourself out there, and build real connections with people who will love your art. 


Ready to go from burnt out to excited to talk about your art?

STEP 1: Sign up using the button below to get in before the program starts on October 16.

STEP 2: Within 24 hours, I'll email you access to a questionnaire and exercise to fill out before the first class so we can hit the ground running.

STEP 3: Show up for class ready to do the work and create your luck 😉

Need more personalized help? Check out Ideal Art Buyers Made Simple.

I feel a connection to my audience.

This course helped me find exactly the type of people I want to be interacting with. I feel I know everything about her. I feel connected to her already. 

- Lisa Dresler

Emotive Ocean Painter

I know the best way to market my business

I could not afford to not go through this process! 

Jessica's deep understanding and connection with who you are and the kind of art you create is essential in helping you to realize the best way to market your business.

- Jacqueline Bonay

Empowered Female Figures Artist

Need more personalized help? Check out Ideal Art Buyers Made Simple.