You can make a living with your art. 

By that, I don't mean you can paint/draw/sculpt and expect money to fall at your feet. 

Any business, even an art business, needs a plan.

  • You'll have to consistently create art that will share your personality and message with the world. 
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    You'll have to learn how to sell yourself as a trustworthy and reliable business person. 
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    You'll have to make systems to help you do "all the things" more efficiently.

There are many, many different paths you can take, but I will teach you to do all of these things using your artist website. 

I won't keep all the secrets to myself then charge you $25k to build a website for you. I'll give you steps you can take to make your site better, and better, and better... every week in your inbox for free. If you want the fast track and can't wait for one action step each week, check out the Work With Me page.

If you use your website as your hub, you'll own your business. You won't be in major crap when the latest Etsy or Snapchat or local gallery hit the dust. Maybe a part of your business plan will need to be reworked, but your bread and butter will still be safe. 

want to set the direction of your art biz?

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