Is The Artist Market Co. for me?

​Who are you?

Hi! I'm Jessica, founder of The Artist Market Co. I graduated with a Fine Arts degree in Painting in 2010. While in school and after graduating, I had lots of gallery shows, but knew nothing about marketing myself. I didn’t want to be braggy. As a result, I sold some paintings, but after the gallery took their cut, I was broke! What I needed was a solid plan to build a following.

I decided to get a job at marketing firm where I eventually managed over 50 projects at a time for three years, followed by opening my own successful web-design business for the next three.

Finally I decided it was time to take all these skills back to my roots and show artists how to make their business and marketing work! After all, being an artist is being an entrepreneur.​

​What should I know about your teaching style?

If your dream is to be big-time, fancy-pants gallery artist, you might not like parts of my advice.

I envision a world where:

  • Art is bought and sold between artists and their loyal followers, not through a middleman
  • Art is a common part of everyday life
  • Artists can create unique business models that help them stand out and make a living

Online business building & marketing is my speciality, so that is what you can expect from me most of the time.​

Why do my friends keep telling me to check you out?

I have created some amazing, free resources that are available to anyone.

How can I work with you?

I set up my business to get out as much free advice as possible. That is where 90% of my time is spent. As a result, I don’t have time to take on one-on-one clients.

However, I will be offering some powerful online courses that you can take in the near future. First up... Find Your Groupies: The system that teaches you how to create a niche that is crazy about your art — so you can sell more in the next year than ever before.

What should I do next?

If I were you, I’d sign up for my super-awesome free email lessons (below)! Since I opened The Artist Market Co in 2017, I’ve had over 900 people tell me how much they adore them. Don’t miss out!

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