For years I wondered why everyone else seemed to have a “mission” or “purpose” behind their business and I didn’t.

I mean, I did, but it seemed so superficial... “Help others sell art”.

Ya. Great.

It wasn’t like I was going to make any sort of bigger impact past entrepreneurship, but I was ok with that, because I’d rather not come up with something fake "just because I should".

Then a few years ago I had a revelation, 

“FINALLY, I understand why I care about all of this. Artists used to create whole cultures! They were sought after and revered and art thrived! We’ve lost that and we need it back. Not just the artists themselves, but our whole society would benefit.” 

It felt real and passionate.

But as it happens when we do the work to grow as a person and understand ourselves, that idea evolved. Bit by bit, overtime, it became something new. Something I didn’t understand until just now.


I’ll figure out how to say it more eloquently someday down the road but what it means is this…

BETTER YOU: Learning to be whole, not segmenting parts of yourself; going deeper to explore your fears and dreams; discovering your voice

BETTER ART: as you ground more and more into YOU, your art takes a life of its own. You no longer care about approval or disapproval - you need to create to express. Your art is a reflection of your growth and inspires others in the same direction.

BETTER WORLD: Your art sparks conversation that helps us understand each other better - creating harmony instead of “sides”. Art helps us see differently, think differently, live in the embodied present moment. Consuming art collectively changes the direction of our society. We rise together.

Re-reading this… it makes my heart thump faster. Is that really possible???

The soul answer whispers back,

“Yes. What finer way is there to make the world better than through ART?

and creativity

and inspiration

and learning to sell your soul's work

and believing in yourself

And valuing yourself

And seeing the value in your work

Then receiving good money for it...

Embracing what you want

Claiming it

Not feeling guilty for it...

Finding yourself

Finding your path

Knowing yourself more deeply




Slowing down

To love every moment instead of wishing them away.

Being in tune

Grounding into the seasons

Watching the moon in the sky...

Creating more harmony…

because what is there for us to fight about it we have all of that?”

Living your calling starts with the inner work, which is then expressed through your art. 

Marketing the art you make becomes a vehicle to speak your truths and change the world.

And I know you. You want it ALL.

Not just to change the world, but also…

To make a good living.

To feel grounded and safe

But also soaring and unstoppable

To say “who I am is valid” and be unapologetic

To be able to hear your intuition

Then follow it.

To live your values on a daily basis and know what's right for you.

To be ahead of the game.

To have better relationships.

To do what you love everyday,

To feel confident and like you have something worth saying.

That’s the work I do with clients - the real work. Said another way, we work on:

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Hi! I'm Jessica Craddock

I teach intuitive artist entrepreneurs practical and energetic strategies to create consistent income and life balance.

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