Option 1: Need extra help to get you unstuck?

Have someone take care of you for awhile... you deserve it.

Artist Websites That Build a Following

With Artist Websites That Build a Following, you and I will work together to package your art and messaging in a way that will make you stand out above “all the other artists”. You'll be able to connect with people who are excited to find you and will love you, share you, buy you.

Option 2: Don't have the cash to work one-on-one?

Don't worry, these DIY lessons will give you a huge head start, on the cheap.

Website Pages that Show You're Professional

‘Website Pages that Show You're Professional’ is designed to show you what to include and leave out on your website - including many ideas you’ve yet to think up. Turn some of your most important and underutilized pages into hard little workers that show how trustworthy, professional and buyable you really are.

Set-up & Start Email Marketing Bundle

Remove all the blocks and get it done.

  • LESSON 1. Why You Absolutely Must Have an Email List
  • LESSON 2. How to Set Up Your First Email List in MailChimp
  • LESSON 3. Create a Landing Page & Freebie in Squarespace
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    LESSON 4. How to Set Up Your Welcome Email in MailChimp


  • LESSON 1. Three Super Simple Ways to Promote Your Email List
  • LESSON 2. How & Why You Should Create an Inspiring Giveaway
  • LESSON 3. What the Heck Should I Send Emails About?!
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    LESSON 4. How to Create Emails that Sell Art (without Being Pushy)