i can show you who wants to buy 

AND use that delicious info to go from...
  • Feeling overwhelmed by all the possibilities to having a clear direction to move forward & finally having the answers you've been looking for for years.
  • Feeling lost and unable to look at another perspective to noticing a surge of people starting to follow you, like your posts, write comments, and engage.
  • Not knowing who to talk to or how to talk to them to realizing everything is about you: your life, your personality, your story... and your business is an extension of that. You'll have the tools to attract the right people to buy your art. 

I’m inviting you to dive deep with me.

What other artists have to say about it...
I was stuck and couldn't move forward

After reading many articles on the subject, I still couldn’t figure out how to narrow down my perfect customer. I had way too many specific questions that needed specific answers you can’t get from just researching online. I needed to talk to a real person.

I have my person down pat now. Thank you so much, by the way, this has been invaluable.

I have a clear picture of who my ideal customer is. It’s given me direction. Before, I had a long list of to-do’s in all aspects of my business. However, I was stuck and couldn’t move forward until I got these answers. Now I have no more excuses and finally can start checking off my list.

I also learned what I thought I am 'supposed' to do to market my business, is not necessarily what I ‘should’ do. I thought Facebook was unavoidable and my best strategy, even though I don’t like it. I think once I get my online marketing going, social media will be a lot easier now.

- Marieka Diepenveen

Alcohol Ink Landscape Artist

I know what's important to my Ideal Art Buyer

I have a great amount of material to draw from to use when I start writing newsletters, blogs, product descriptions, etc. to speak to my ideal buyer.

I know what she looks like now and what is important to her. Having the direct feedback and encouragement was certainly worth more than what I paid.

- Crystal Raymond

Photorealistic Animal Artist

You made it easy.

This course helped me find exactly the type of people I want to be selling to. I feel I know everything about them. I feel connected to them already. 

You made it easy, and for that I am forever grateful! I have so much more time to focus on all the other things I need to do now.

- Lisa Dresler

Emotive Ocean Painter

I could not afford to not go through it!

I could not afford to not go through it! 

Jessica's deep understanding and connection with who you are and the kind of art you create is essential in helping you to realize the best way to market your business.

What I didn't account for was just how exclusive this process was going to be in tailored, one to one sessions. It was amazing to share this personal dive into what drives me as an artist and my personality with Jessica.

I feel much more confident with my choice of what to post about, how to design the graphics on my website, how to answer when people ask what kind of artist are you? 

Now I know my audience does exist.

- Jacqueline Bonay

Empowered Female Figures Artist

Everything I needed to know.

I just loved the way you work, guiding me for the right answers to find out what I needed to know! And I would never have done it alone! Knowing my ideal buyer was everything I needed to know and I wasn't expecting those answers! It was a good surprise, and made sense for me!

I already changed my captions on Instagram, following those topics about my buyer, and it already made a huge difference! I've noticed different people starting following me, liking the posts, writing comments, engaging. I'm so happy and so grateful!

- Priscila Serato

Abstract Quilter