Want to sell your art regularly?

You're stuck in an annoying cycle—you need help selling more art, but you're not making enough money to get the help you need. 

This series of affordable art-selling trainings were made just for you, to help you break that cycle much faster than you can on your own, because we deeply care about you and the art you're going to change the world with.

Connection creates art sales. Period.

Not sure how to attract buyers for your work? By the end of this class, you will have started a list of contacts most likely to be interested in your art and have action steps to start nurturing them into true fans and collectors.


For artists who...

  • Have trouble understanding who will connect with their work.
  • Are creating more friends than sales.
  • Feel unconnected, unfocused, or overwhelmed with what it takes to sell their art.

Create the Brand Your Art Deserves

"Find Your Voice on Instagram" will give you the confidence and strategies to really connect with your audience and get your art the love it craves.


For artists who...

  • Have trouble verbalizing what their art is about.
  • Aren't consistently posting because of self-doubt and perfectionism.
  • Don't know what else to say after they've posted their latest masterpiece.

The fastest way to start selling your art to rely on it for regular income.

Learn how to bring in art sales ASAP, guiding you through highly personalized, clear action steps – even if you have a lot on your plate and selling art isn't your zone of genius.


For artists who...

  • Know you could do better if you just understood what you were doing wrong
  • Are struggling to convert lookers to buyers
  • Are worried all this work isn't worth it or you're not on the right track