Embrace Your Power

to Sell (Much) More Art

You've been thinking about building your passion-driven creative empire for too long now. 

You have a vision of what you want your life to look like, and you're finally ready to make the moves to step into it.

You want to do epic shit.

But doing it alone won't cut it anymore. You need people around you to shift your energy into high gear and a guide to show you what to focus on.

You want your art to make enormous contributions to the world AND you want to make good money with it. One or the other wouldn't do it for you. You need to both to fully realize your iconic vision as you carve a niche that embodies all your passions.

Being the boss of your own creative business is your destiny -- you know that deep in your soul now. 

For you, my dear, I've created the Anchored Artist Method to guide you to your True North.
So you can...
    Have an easy plan to follow all the way up to the $100k mark in your business.
    Learn the tools to transform self-doubt into belief.
    Create consistent income that will allow you to grow into your "what feels too big right now" vision.
The Anchored Artist Method is a perfect match for you if you...
    Crave connections to other human souls that understand and inspire you.
  • Make art that captures your spirit, your essence (even if you're not sure how to speak that into existence).
    Find not following a plan is your biggest obstacle. You want fluidity, but also structure, so your inspired ideas can flow and you don't feel all over the place.
  • Want to stop worrying about what other people think so you can embrace and love every part of you: your personality, the things that feed your creativity, and your big dreams.
  • Are excited to shift your limiting beliefs into believing in your self-worth so you can show up from an empowered, energized place.

I have a clear direction

This has been invaluable. I have a clear picture of who my ideal customer is. It’s given me direction. Before, I had a long list of to-do’s in all aspects of my business. However, I was stuck and couldn’t move forward until I got these answers. Now I have no more excuses and finally can start checking off my list.

- Marieka Diepenveen



This process puts helps you see from the outside, in. By working closely with Jessica on your ideal art buyer profile, it helps you to connect with the people who are interested in you, what values you have in common, the experiences you share. It's empowering to realise the potential your art has to make an impact on another person.

- Jacqueline Bonay

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