You're bringing in sales, but it's never enough money. 

You're overworking.
You have big things you want to do, but you're too close to things to see where you're stuck.

YOU NEED someone to give you A PERSONALIZED SANITY ROADMAP to create more sales, more consistently, for higher prices

... while keeping you sparkly and sane with better work/life balance.

ready to stop strategizing alone?

Share your name and email below and I'll get back to you ASAP. Let's talk about what it might look like for you to make fast progress and get your time back!


- Daisy-Anne Dickson

"I just beat my monthly goal for February, and it's only February 2nd! 

The two pieces I sold were from an appointment I made because of our meeting on Monday. The best part is I got four commissions for even larger pieces that I'm going to be putting together quotes for on top of that!  

I just can't believe that happened! I didn't even think this was a possible way to make a sale before today :) "


This high-touch program will become your repeatable business operating system to $1500...$3000...$5000+ months and beyond.

You’ll walk away with a system for you to repeat consistent success -- while doing what you love most -- so you can feel fulfilled and watch your business take off simultaneously.

So you can be the boss of your own creative business.
emiko venlet

- Emiko Venlet

"Sigh, I think I have to brag now...

Once of my collectors keeps buying my art!! Every new painting I show her privately (and sneak peak on IG and she checks them and asks me if I'm selling them in DM). Now she's a proud owner of 7 paintings of mine.

But the best thing is really how we connect so well and live in the same town lol. Wine and art talk in going to happen soon. Art connects. That's the best! (And I get paid for doing that).

You've taught us to be us and helped us be better at it each time! Jessica, my life is soooo good thanks to you, darling. "


What’s the difference between you and an artist who wakes up thinking:

"Money likes me. Money finds me. Money seeks me out. I'm good company!"?

I've found myself (and most of the artists I've worked with) thinking "If I could just master X"  then everything would fall into place, and the business I love would finally repay me with support and spaciousness.

Here's where it goes wrong.

No one single marketing technique is going to solve your problems.

You need a comprehensive strategy. 

    To stop playing small and see huge growth
  • To  become a better person to yourself and everyone around you
  • To live your purpose as an artist
  • To inspire joy and share your art with the world

Look I get it! Your mission is to cultivate what lights you up and leave this world a little bit more beautiful then when you found it.

But instead of trusting yourself, you find:

    You're losing your energy and momentum. Burnout is real... and happening more regularly than you like to admit to yourself.
  • You're feeling embarrassed by your slow growth. You keep trying to overcompensate in a direction that doesn't feel right in order to feel better about the time you're investing.
    After a string of rejections, you'll stop feeling confident and start playing small.

Sure, your business hasn't been a complete flop. Maybe it's even working...

But you want more.

That's nothing to be ashamed of, my dear.

I want you to have everything you desire.

Not a passion project OR money.

Not a business you love OR time.

ALLLL of it.

Because that's the only way you're going to have the right energy to make it real.


- Gaya Shantram

"I can say that today, I have reached my goals and gone beyond some of them I had set for myself.

Changing my mindset and really truly believing not only in myself but in my work, has been transformative. I initially had some trouble letting go and finally when it did happen the results were just amazing. I believe now, whatever we need is already out there, we just need to tune into it.

I remember speaking to you at the end of October, saying I would like to earn $1500/mo. In six weeks with you, I have already made $5,500! All this to say, thank you and in deep gratitude to be here in this community."


how the hell do i get it all, then?

first, we start with you.

When you create a plan using what sounds realistic, or attainable, or what others are doing, that's where it all goes wrong.

That plan equals either 'burnout success' or no success at all.

Fulfilling success can only happen if you start with what's inside YOU.

Your values, your desires, your special sauce, your unique combination of interests and talents... all the things that form the most radiant you.

Next, we create the belief that it's possible to do this.

Imposter syndrome.  Feeling guilty. Worrying about being judged. Stopping yourself from failing but also from succeeding.

Your real competition is you.

YOU are keeping the most radiant version of yourself "safe" and hidden. Aka, stuck.

We could clear beliefs, and cleanse auras, and do all the work to un-do...

Or we could find and create proof that we CAN do this. It IS possible.

Both methods are good, but the second is much faster. ;)

finally, we take steps to create connection, momentum, and magic in your life + Business.

Notice I didn't say "create a ten page long plan and break it down into action steps and start checking off to-do boxes."

UGGGHHH.... I'm so over that way of working. Instead, let's create a steady structure that steers clear of overwhelm.

Fewer, more purposeful steps that lead to greater success.

Momentum-based choices that leave you time for life balance.

Looking for the magic to amplify each action 100x.

Connecting with your clients so you can inspire the world and feed your soul.

Let's reframe how we work, ya?

Consistent Income 

is for you if...


You know how to sell for lower prices, but there's no way you'll ever make enough this way. Plus, you have a big vision you're dying to bring to life. 


You think marketing your work would be easier and less intimidating if you knew who you were talking to and could tailor your message to them.


You would love create a community of clients you 'just vibe with' and want to be around.


You're ready to trust yourself and get out of your comfort zone.


You feel like your work is a way to find meaning and purpose and leave this world a little bit better and more beautiful than you found it.


You want to get things done without stress so you can slow down and be inspired by things like daffodils on your afternoon walk


You're at the point in your growth where you can say, "This is an investment in myself and my art" and use the investment as a motivator to stay accountable to yourself and the goals you've set

(even though you're secretly scared of losing your ass... it's ok. I gotchu.)


- Niha Nathersa

"Sold a lot of pieces this month and was able to contribute to charity...

... got over my fear of myself in videos, spoke to a lot of people and connected, got a good number of commissions lined up, made work that I REALLY LOVED!, started waking up at dawn and making time for self-care and painting, started a meditation practice and getting clarity on beliefs holding me back.

Becoming more okay with imperfect old me :)"


you still with me?


Excellent. Here's how we're going to accomplish all this...

Using my signature Consistent Income method, we’ll push you over the precipice of some really amazing growth.

In this high touch program, you’ll discover that you are the creator of your next chapter.

You’ll learn how to nourish your energy as you take the actions to reach your individual goals with clear objectives and shortened to-do lists.

My secret sauce is that we focus on not just the "doing", but also the "being".  Affirmations, trusting yourself, knowing when to go slow and when to go fast, practicing getting out of your comfort zone and making room for the feelings that go with that... all this is equally as important as the action steps.

And on the days when you’re needing a morale boost -- there will be support waiting for you. You’ll have a mentor on your side, along with a community of artists who are going through the exact same things. You’ll learn to love being held by support, rather than trying to figure it out on your own. (P.S. I create the most incredible groups of kindred spirits)

For once, you'll be ahead of the game and understand what's right for you.

- Jayne Evans

"I really, fully understand now.

 I'm living by my values on a daily basis. I'm always asking myself, "Is it creative, fun, and magical?"

I've lived by them and made money by them as well. And I'm unapologetic about it.

For once, I'm ahead of the game."


what tools will support my rapid growth?

The Artist Market Successful Marketing Plan for Artists
'Expert Help' 1:1 Sessions

Wish you had access to my brain to know what to work on and when? You're in luck! On these one-on-one calls, we'll plan out either your next month* or your next quarter*.

This is your sanity roadmap to know what you need to do, where you need to focus, and what are your top priorities so that you can make really great progress regardless of how much time you have.

*The level of support you choose will impact how often we meet individually.

'Pod' Small group planning and accountability sessions

Twice per month you'll meet with me + your three group members. You'll get 1:1 attention to answer your questions about what you're working on, then together, we'll track your action steps to help you move forward and stay accountable.

Even if you don't have questions, come anyway and I'll guide you to what you need next! We'll always tweak what you're doing to be even more effective.

The 'Sell Art Like You' Planner

This gorgeous planner is the key to the program. It's how we put it all together and keep you accountable to doing less on a day-to-day basis, while making the most progress, according to the plans we've made together.

"WOW: Jessica I LOVE using my Anchored Artist journal... Practicing the daily energetic practices, momentum boosters and facing fears...

This new level of synchronicity has emerged that is absolutely phenomenal!" -- Kaliisa Conlon

'Fill your Cup’ Workshops

Every month, I'll hold a workshop to teach you a practical or energetic strategy to help you create momentum in your business. These recorded workshops will include topics like: 

  • Follow up with interested buyers
  • Making progress when you have other commitments
  • Work with your energy instead of against it
  • Reframe your beliefs

"Honestly I love these calls so much. They light me up with such amazing energy. I love everyone's honesty, whether they share highs, lows etc.  I totally resonate with all those 'thoughts' and yet they're only thoughts! We're rewiring our brains to get the thoughts we want in there. Thank you Jessica." -- Saskia S. 

'Kindred Spirits' Slack Community

Connect with other ambitious artists ready to offer cheers, support, and unique perspectives.

And when you need help with between calls, ask! I'll answer your questions with motivating thoughts, tweaks, and strategies. 

"What surprised me is how thorough you are -- focusing not just on the strategy but all the invisible and mindset stuff. I really felt you were there for me and on my side." - Tara L.

'Consistent Income for Artists' Curriculum + 'Money Now' System

After years of working with clients, I've dissected the pieces that get the most results and created recorded trainings for each. You'll learn how to create your unique plan for sales, getting your artwork found and nurturing connections with your Ideal Art Buyers, all while working with your energy.

See what's included in the curriculum!

"You have created a gold mine. Truly. Exactly what I needed. I will write out some feedback, but I'm just so blown away." - Melissa L.

Woman in blue shirt talking and clasping hands
Consistent Income - Live! Private Podcast Feed

Like to listen on the go?

Keep up to date with the latest 'Office Hours' Sessions where you can listen in as your peers are coached through their personal marketing plans, so you can learn what you didn't know that you didn't know!

You'll also get access to all past and present 'Fill Your Cup' Monthly Workshops, such as:

  • Future Planning Workshop: Keep it Simple!
  • Four Month Rotation Workshop
  • Make Friends with What's Holding You Back
  • The Importance of Energy Management
  • Filling Your Lead Pipeline

- Saskia Saunders

"A few brags to share:

  • I hired my first intern last week, my old university funded her working with me for the next few months and already she's doing some amazing research! 
  •  I applied for and was accepted as an 'exhibitor' at Sustainable Earth 2021, alongside some big companies and organisations. 
  • My first solo show starts in two weeks in Hong Kong. 
  • My old university is also going to feature me on their alumni blog.

    I'm learning not to be afraid to apply for things that seem bigger than I 'should' aim for!"
If your long-term goal is to make art your 'full-time income' rather than your 'part-time, some-time income'...

You're going to want a system to grow. One that:

    Steers clear of overwhelm, yet takes big strides
    Leaves you feeling fulfilled in both your craft and your marketing
    Fosters connection to make consistent sales

If you're feeling restless, there's a reason. You keep telling yourself to be patient, but you're afraid of making the wrong choices, losing your momentum, or being able to stay accountable to your goals.

I'd be honored to be your mentor -- your guide -- your strategist, and shoulder some of that pressure so you don't have to do it alone.

Let's weave, play, create and spin this dream of yours to life together.

Ready to get to a new level you've never experienced?


- Helen Phlen

Within three months with you I already achieved the goal of the whole year's income --

"Just want to let you know I am full of gratitude towards you all day! You made my business grow financially 5 times faster than I could on my own. Within three months with you I already achieved the goal of the whole year's income.

Once I started with even just one place/shop/organization I felt a connection with, the opportunities from there starts to flow. Then I don’t need to push and strive very hard anymore, all I need to do is deliver well. Coming from a place of abundance and gratitude, I make connections and integrate it into my life and I don’t need to plan and strive anymore."

accessible one-on-one expert help, finally.

Learn to create more sales, more consistently, for higher prices -- with better work/life balance.

ready to stop strategizing alone?

Share your name and email below and I'll get back to you ASAP. Let's talk about what it might look like for you to make fast progress and get your time back!

consistent income

You want to invest in more personalized attention, but you'd like to bring in more money first.


join us!



/mo for 6mo

  • 'Find and Engage Your Tribe' Toolkit 
  • 'Consistent Income' and 'Money Now' Systems
  • Live 'Fill Your Cup' Workshops monthly
  • 2 Group Q+A's with specific topics monthly
  • Consistent Income LIVE - Private Podcast Feed

You want someone to hold your hand and guide you to sell more art.

2 seats available



/mo for 6mo

  • Unlimited 20m calls with me
  • Everything included in Consistent Income

After putting my art and tarot together yesterday, I felt something that's hard to describe, a sort of feeling of wholeness, of being connected, of being who you're supposed to be.

Me and my partner went out to watch a friends' band, and they were really good, and I felt so happy for them and that was heightened because I felt so happy in myself, like we were all  on the right path.

Jayne Evans


A lot of what's happened on my journey as an artist has been challenging. But I've come to realise that accepting challenges and working with them (or around them!) is where you find the most growth. (I have @artistmarketco to thank for that!)

Stacey Mitchell


AHHH! The gallery owner is coming over next week for a studio visit! Just like that! Craaaaazzzzyy!

Tricia Caracappa

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