Ideal Art Buyers Made Simple

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But before you can learn where to find your audience and how to captivate them... 

Before you can feel like a boss making a real living selling your art...

You have to truly understand who you are talking to.

You’ve sold one or two pieces, but nothing consistent. Or maybe you don't have any customers yet?! You don't understand why sales aren't picking up... you've been working so hard. The 20% off email you sent out yesterday isn’t enough to rescue the paintings collecting dust in the corner.

You've really been hoping that over the last year you would have figured out your specific offering or your niche or your mission so that you can pull it all together with a strong message, but you just haven’t been able to do that despite spending quite some time working on it.

You want a plan and you’re willing to work hard for it, but you want to go in the right direction and not just be all over the place. You feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities.

You’ve done the ideal customer avatar exercise - at least once - but you always feel like you’re making this person up. Right now your marketing feels like a lie. 

Even though you might have a foggy idea who your ideal customer is, you can’t talk to this person. You can’t decide which voice will resonate with her. You feel like your writing is all over the place. It's forced and fake. 

Your marketing is a jumbled mess. You're fed up.

Hey, I understand. It’s super confusing… until it clicks.

what if talking to this person felt totally natural?

Picture typing a text to your best friend. You don't worry if what you are saying will turn her off, or interest her, or push her away. Your typing is only limited by the speed of your fingers - your brain knows exactly what it wants to say. You don't think about what you're writing. You just talk. 

Now imagine you know your Ideal Art Buyer this well. Your work would be dramatically easier -- pronto. In fact, the term "work" would be questionable. 

Your marketing efforts would be so focused you’d have plenty of time for what matters, like playing sidewalk chalk with your little girl at the park or recharging in a quiet bathtub.

You’d know your art is reaching real people who love you, and who you love right back.

You’d know your art will bring joy to your customers because the colors fit their personality, the tiny hidden animals remind them of their favorite book as a kid, and buying it will support their most passionate cause - cleaning plastic out of the ocean. You’d talk about your art authentically and in a way that genuinely resonates.

And you’d finally know where to find your audience and how to get in front of them so you can get more interaction and art sales.

Ready for that sigh of relief as you plan your marketing for the week in just a few hours, because now you know what to say and where to focus?

does this sound like you?

  • You get teary-eyed watching passionate people soar and achieve steps to their dreams -- and you can’t wait to become that inspiration to others
  • You want to move forward with selling your art professionally, however you don't know where to focus, who to sell to, where to sell. It's very confusing and you feel 'all over the place'.
  • You feel you can't move forward until you know these answers and are very frustrated because you have done so much research, read so many articles and still don't feel like you have a decent plan. 
  • You need someone unbiased, besides family or friends, from the outside who's an expert to help.
  • You know that if you could just figure out who would love your art, everything would start falling into place

I'm a consultant for artists like you who are losing time and money. They're feeling overwhelmed by all the possibilities and missing strategies because they don't know who will buy their art. 

I help them have a plan to grow their business and make more sales by knowing what their ideal art buyer needs and wants, while being more true to their art than they knew was possible.


  • Know exactly where to find 'your people' so your art will be seen by people who love it 
  • Feel comfortable and be able to talk easily so you can show them how your art is a perfect fit
  • Know what to say and how to say it  on your social media, your website... everything.
  • Spend less time marketing and more time on the things that make you happy and fulfilled. 

WHAT DOES “ideal art buyers made simple” INCLUDE?

This is a one-on-one private intensive where we'll get together for a good portion of the day to create your unique plan to sell more art.

‘Fulfill the prophecy’ Intro Work & Art Review Let’s get a jumpstart on working together! This survey will help us get clear on you and your art first so we won’t be pulling a random customer out of a hat, but instead making sure we find juuust the right one.

‘Go make a legacy’ Deep Dive For two hours we’ll hop on video chat and explore your ideal customer’s brain together. You’ll finally figure her out and learn why she wants your art.

'Light up your wildest dreams’ Client Profile We'll create a custom profile of your Ideal Art Buyer: what they want, why your art is valuable to them, and what you have in common so you have something to refer to when you are talking to her, deciding pricing or thinking up new ways to delight her.

'Rewrite your history' 3 Month Custom Content Plan Using your Ideal Art Buyer profile, you'll know what to say to appeal to YOUR people, as well as the purpose of each social post, newsletter, and blog for the next three months. And it's flexible enough to be reusable! OMG, your life just got soooo much easier.

'Museum victories' Website Audit Let's look at your website together so we can create a solid game plan to get your more email subscribers, simplify your main pages, and lead viewers where you want them to go so you can get your website really working for you.  ​​​​​

‘Manifest destiny’ Follow Up  After three weeks, we’ll get back together on a 30 minute video chat to make sure you understand how to use your profile and cover any questions you might have or exercises you want to deep-dive on. 

You'll finally understand who wants to buy your art and how to talk to them. You’ll be dancing to “Happy” in your earbuds while you ink the final touches onto your colorfully painted meadow, feeling confident this one too will soon find a loving home, and I can help. 



Schedule a laid-back chat with me to figure out how I can take you from frustrated because you have done so much research and still feel like you don't have a decent plan to focusing your energies, knowing what to say, and how to say it because you know who you are talking to and where to find them.

STEP 1: Use the button below to schedule a 15 minute chat on Zoom to ask all your “Is this right for me if...” questions. 

STEP 2: I’ll answer whatever you want, without any pushy sales call tactics. (Ask anyone... I don’t know how to be pushy!)

STEP 3: You’ll end the call either A) crazy pumped to get started or B) with some free pointers and/or resources where I’d recommend you go instead. 

if you're just ready to get started, sign up here

I was stuck and couldn't move forward

After reading many articles on the subject, I still couldn’t figure out how to narrow down my perfect customer. I had way too many specific questions that needed specific answers you can’t get from just researching online. I needed to talk to a real person.

I have my person down pat now. Thank you so much, by the way, this has been invaluable.

I have a clear picture of who my ideal customer is. It’s given me direction. Before, I had a long list of to-do’s in all aspects of my business. However, I was stuck and couldn’t move forward until I got these answers. Now I have no more excuses and finally can start checking off my list.

I also learned what I thought I am 'supposed' to do to market my business, is not necessarily what I ‘should’ do. I thought Facebook was unavoidable and my best strategy, even though I don’t like it. I think once I get my online marketing going, social media will be a lot easier now.

- Marieka Diepenveen

Alcohol Ink Landscape Artist

I know what's important to her

I wanted to create a clear picture of who my ideal buyer is. The first time I saw this offer, I disregarded it because I had collected a lot of information already about how to do this. The second time I saw the offer, I was ready hire someone to help me get it done. 

I thought it would be a course, but Jessica works directly with you through guided exercises. Now I have a great amount of material to draw from to use when I start writing newsletters, blogs, product descriptions, etc. to speak to my ideal buyer.

I know what she looks like now and what is important to her. Having the direct feedback and encouragement as I worked through the exercises was certainly worth more than what I paid.

- Crystal Raymond

Photorealistic Animal Artist

I feel connected to her already.

This course helped me find exactly the type of people I want to be interacting with. I feel I know everything about her. I feel connected to her already. 

I was spending WAY too much time writing blogs. You made it easy, and for that I am forever grateful! I have so much more time to focus on all the other things I need to do now.

- Lisa Dresler

Emotive Ocean Painter

I could not afford to not go through it!

I would say that the benefits of going through this process would far out weigh the financial outlay. On reflection I could not afford to not go through it! 

Jessica's deep understanding and connection with who you are and the kind of art you create is essential in helping you to realize the best way to market your business.

But what I didn't account for was just how exclusive this process was going to be, I really felt I was receiving tailored, one to one sessions. It was amazing to share this personal dive into what drives me as an artist and my personality with Jessica, I felt great after the live chat session, really positive and brimming with ideas.

The most unexpected result? That everything is personal. It's about me, my life, my personality, my story, and that my business is an extension of myself. This I now understand and Jessica has guided me through this and given me the tools not just to actually tell my story, but to tell in a way that will attract the right people to want to see my art.

I feel much more confident with my choice of what to post about, how to design the graphics on my website, how to answer when people ask what kind of artist are you? 

Now I know my audience does exist.

- Jacqueline Bonay

Empowered Female Figures Artist

Everything I needed to know.

It REALLY helped me! I just loved the way you work, guiding me for the right answers to find out what I needed to know! And I would never have done it alone! I realized I was looking through the wrong way. So superficial! I feel I was lost and with a box on my head. I couldn't look through another perspective.

Knowing my ideal buyer was everything I needed to know and I wasn't expecting those answers! It was a good surprise, and made sense for me!

I already changed my captions on Instagram, following those topics about my buyer, and it already made a huge difference! I've noticed different people starting following me, liking the posts, writing comments, engaging. I'm so happy and so grateful!

- Priscila Serato

Abstract Quilter