Ideal Art Buyers Made Simple

YOU’RE ready to spread your work 

You’ve sold art, but it's mostly been through a gallery, a friend, or some in-person thing. Now you're releasing paintings online so you can reach a bigger audience, but not much has come of it.  

You want a plan and you’re willing to work hard for it, but you want to go in the right direction and not just be all over the place. You feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities.

Even though you might have a foggy idea who your ideal customer might be, you can’t talk to this person. You can’t decide which voice will resonate with her. You feel like your writing is all over the place. It's forced and fake. 

Your marketing is a jumbled mess. 

what if the answer is right in front of you?

It's easier than you think.

The missing piece is you. The commonality between all the people who have bought from you in the past is that they love you, and they love your art. These two pieces work together.

We're going to backtrack through why your art is what it is, what makes you you, and what makes people fall in love with you. THEN, we'll create a profile of who will love your art and the message you have to spread that will attract them.



We don't always stop to think how someone who would like to buy our art would see it.

This process puts helps you see from the outside, in. By working closely with Jessica on your ideal art buyer profile, it helps you to connect with the people who are interested in you, what values you have in common, the experiences you share.

It's empowering to realise the potential your art has to make an impact on another person.

- Jacqueline Bonay

Ready for that sigh of relief as you plan your marketing for the week in just a few hours, because now you know the focus of your brand?


    You want to spread your art online, but you don't know where to focus, who to sell to, where to sell. It's very confusing and you feel 'all over the place'.
  • You feel you can't move forward until you know these answers and are very frustrated because you have done so much research, read so many articles and still don't feel like you have a decent plan. 
  • You need someone unbiased, besides family or friends, from the outside who's an expert to help.

I have a clear direction.

This has been invaluable. I have a clear picture of who my ideal customer is. It’s given me direction. Before, I had a long list of to-do’s in all aspects of my business. However, I was stuck and couldn’t move forward until I got these answers. Now I have no more excuses and finally can start checking off my list.

- Marieka Diepenveen

Alcohol Ink Landscape Artist

i'm a consultant for artists like you who are losing time and money.

 They're feeling overwhelmed by all the possibilities and missing strategies because they don't know who will buy their art. 

I help them have a plan to grow their business and make more sales by knowing what their ideal art buyer needs and wants, while being more true to their art than they knew was possible.

As a result of working with me, you'll figure out who will love your art and everything will start falling into place.

I feel connected to my buyer already.

This session helped me find exactly the type of people I want to be interacting with. I feel I know everything about her. I feel connected to her already. 

I was spending WAY too much time writing blogs. You made it easy, and for that I am forever grateful! I have so much more time to focus on all the other things I need to do now.

- Lisa Dresler

Emotive Ocean Painter

    WHAT DOES “ideal art buyers made simple” INCLUDE?

    This is a one-on-one private session where we'll get together to determine the audience who will love and appreciate you and your art.

    ‘Fulfill the prophecy’ Intro Work & Art Review Let’s get a jumpstart on working together! This survey will help us get clear on you and your art first so we won’t be pulling a random customer out of a hat, but instead making sure we find juuust the right one.

    ‘Go make a legacy’ Deep Dive For two and a half hours we’ll hop on video chat and explore your ideal customer’s brain together. You’ll finally figure her out and learn why she wants your art.

    'Light up your wildest dreams’ Client Profile We'll create a custom profile of your Ideal Art Buyer: what they want, why your art is valuable to them, and what you have in common so you have something to refer to when you are talking to her, deciding pricing or thinking up new ways to delight her.


    NEW! 'Be that one in a million’ Resource Library Don't know what to write about? No problem. Use your Ideal Art Buyer profile to create your own one-of-a-kind content. Includes your three month social media & newsletter calendar, what to write in your welcome email, how to write your best art description, and more... all based on your person.


    10x more efficient

    This makes my content creation and publishing at least 10x more efficient. I'm more consistent with my content marketing and save tons of time.

    - Judy Ladewig

    You'll finally understand who wants to buy your art, and how to talk to them.

    I could not afford to not go through it!

    This process really helps all your marketing to stay consistent and focussed. The best thing is that this doesn't actually feel like a marketing tool, instead, it feels like you are talking to one person, someone you know very well, a friend even. This makes it so much more enjoyable!

    - Jacqueline Bonay

     INVESTMENT: $1247


    Schedule a laid-back chat with me to figure out how I can take you from frustrated because you have done so much research and still feel like you don't have a decent plan to focusing your energies and knowing what to say, and how to say it.

    STEP 1: Use the button below to schedule a 15 minute chat on Zoom to ask all your “Is this right for me if...” questions. 

    STEP 2: I’ll answer whatever you want, without any pushy sales call tactics. (Ask anyone... I don’t know how to be pushy!)

    STEP 3: You’ll end the call either A) crazy pumped to get started or B) with some free pointers and/or resources where I’d recommend you go instead. 

    if you're just ready to get started, sign up here.


    I know what's important to my buyer

    I know what she looks like now and what is important to her. Having the direct feedback and encouragement was certainly worth more than what I paid.

    - Crystal Raymond

    Photorealistic Animal Artist


    Everything I needed to know.

    It REALLY helped me! I just loved the way you work, guiding me for the right answers to find out what I needed to know! And I would never have done it alone! I realized I was looking through the wrong way. So superficial! I couldn't look through another perspective.

    I already changed my captions on Instagram, following those topics about my buyer, and it already made a huge difference! I've noticed different people starting following me, liking the posts, writing comments, engaging. I'm so happy and so grateful!

    - Priscila Serato

    Abstract Quilter


    Forever changed the way I engage

    The personalized feedback and help Jessica gave me far exceeded my expectations. It will forever change the way I engage with people!

    - Valerieann Giovanni


    I really know my gal now

    Sorting through who your ideal art buyer was an incredible challenge for me. I had no idea if I was getting 'close'. Then I met Jessica. In her coaching, she has a step-by-step brainstorming process to help you. But the best is her intuitive nature to bring the brainstorming back to you and who your ideal art buyer is. She presses you to dig deeper and get to the key points. Hooray! Finally! I really know my gal, now!

    - Kate Moynihan