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Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
"What are more affordable ways to reach a wider audience with my art?" - Denise Lafer E81

Ep81 – Denise Lafer is an artist who uses multiple different media in her work. She wants to get her work in front of more people and create a community, but finding the time to do so while working full-time and raising two small children has been difficult. Denise dreams of building an art business that will replace her day job so she has more time to spend with those she loves.

It intimidates Denise when she hears people say you have to build a website, develop your own brand and do so many other things before you can put yourself out there. The fear of overinvesting in all these things and getting ahead of herself have been a roadblock for Denise. And she says, honestly, she doesn’t know how to get her work in front of a bigger audience without making that investment first.

Recently, Denise started doing occasional workshops to put herself out there in a less intimidating way. The feedback she’s received and satisfaction she’s experienced have been a boost to her confidence, and she’s even started applying to open calls for art by galleries.

Listen in as I help Denise with a strategy to build a community and work towards creating a full-time income with her art business.

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