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  • “How do I define who I am as an artist and write an elevator speech?” – Maura Kealy Ogden E78
Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
"How do I define who I am as an artist and write an elevator speech?" - Maura Kealy Ogden E78

Ep78 – Maura Kealy Ogden is an artist and collector of images and other things. She paints fine art but is diving into her new business of creating collage pieces using found objects.

Maura enjoys the experience of creating and loves to share it with people. That is why she tells stories with her art. She believes that humanity exists in the traces of people’s lives, things left behind that can tell their story.

The dilemma for Muara lies in how to merge her two passions, creating fine art and creating collage pieces, and figuring out the best way to brand her art business. She doesn’t see her collage pieces as fine art but loves to create them because they bring joy to her and to others.

Listen in as I help Maura unlock the why behind what she creates and develop an elevator speech to build her brand.


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