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  • “How can I build enough trust to successfully expand my team?” – Chanelle Jefferson E80
Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
“How can I build enough trust to successfully expand my team?” - Chanelle Jefferson E80

Ep80 – Chanelle Jefferson is a blind contour artist, meaning she draws without looking at the canvas. She is a storyteller and drawer first and a painter second. Her journey as an artist began by processing her own trauma and pain, which then became storytelling through her experiences and transmuting her pain into artwork and light. Chanelle also takes commissions to tell the stories of other people who resonate with her work.

Chanelle is also trained as a counselor and an energy, mind and emotions practitioner. Not only does she work with people one on one, but she also offers retreats with the goal of helping participants get to the root of their work and move beyond what triggers them and holds them back.

Chanelle’s business continues to grow, but with growth comes the need to expand your team. Chanelle is struggling to bring someone into her business because she fears not being able to find someone that will care for it the way she does.

Listen in to hear more of Chanelle’s story and the advice I share on expanding her team.

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