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  • “How can I build a strategy around new projects to reach my income goal?” – Emiko Venlet E79
Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
"How can I build a strategy around new projects to reach my income goal?" - Emiko Venlet E79

Ep79 – Emiko Venlet is an acrylic and oil painter from Vancouver who paints tabletop still life that holds memories for people and whose meaning creates a narrative. Emiko uses bold colors and patterns in her work, and she recently even started doing papier mâché sculptures.

Emiko had her busiest year of making art ever in 2023, doing a few solo shows and several group shows. However, she experienced burnout at the end of the year, and as a result, has decided to change her direction for 2024. She has decided not to do any shows for a year, which means finding other ways to bring in an income is essential.

Emiko has a lot of ideas about where she wants to take her art for the rest of the year, so listen in as we talk through a plan to do everything she wants but in a way that will help her make the money she needs.


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