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  • “How can I achieve clarity to succeed at my art business goals?” – Robyn Ready Voth E82
Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
“How can I achieve clarity to succeed at my art business goals?” - Robyn Ready Voth E82

Ep82 – Robyn Ready Voth is a portrait painter who captures the milestone events of life in heirloom paintings. She has seen many changes in her art down through the years, and due to her diligence as a student, she regularly takes her art to a new level. As Robyn’s knowledge of art has grown, so has her understanding of why she creates, revealing the reasons behind her work as the years have passed.

Robyn learned that before she could connect with others, she had to learn to connect with herself. She did so through meditation, which also allowed her to define the mission that she desires to serve. Robyn loves connecting one on one with people and strives to encourage and help them find their place, adding value to their lives by defining what is most important to them. This led Robyn to create heirloom paintings. Her paintings capture the defining and pivotal events in life that are important to save for future generations.

At this point in her master’s program, Robyn is trying to define her plan, not only for her artmaking but for herself as well. She is currently looking for an execution partner, or accountability partner to hold her to her goals. However, finding the right person is proving to be tricky due to scheduling conflicts.

Listen in as we talk through the value of introspection, building our energy and holding ourselves accountable while I give Robyn some actionable tips on following through with her plan.

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