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By Jessica Craddock

Dec 16

Do you ever hear yourself saying things like "I can't, because it won't work for me?"

"I can't because ..." will hold you back more than any other thought.

I wanted to talk for a minute about the idea of, "I can't" or "that won't work for me" because I hear it a lot. And I know it's one of the biggest things holding you back from what you want, if you are saying it.

Essentially what that is doing is you stopping any possibility of new opportunities, magical opportunities, possibilities, all the wonderful things that make your art business, easy and fun - where it feels like it flows.

"I can't" is the opposite of all those. "That won't work for me" is the opposite of all those things.

"I can't" holds up a big fat stop sign to the universe.

It's literally like holding a big stop sign saying, "No, thank you. I choose not to look for new opportunities to see what can happen, to find a way to do it."

I know that's not what you want and that's not what I want for you. That's not what I want for me. 

What to do when you notice yourself saying "I can't"

If you catch yourself saying it this week, my challenge to you is to notice - that's the hard part. Notice that you're doing it.

Then stop and say, " Okay, but what if I just did it anyway?" or "How could I tweak it?" or "What's my way of doing this?"

And if you do that, you can just sit back and wait and see what magical opportunities open up that you would have never had the chance to grab onto if you hadn't said that, if you hadn't flipped the script.

That's your challenge, I know you can do it.

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