Thought of the day

By Jessica Craddock

Oct 12


Sometimes, it’s really hard to slow down. I know that when I step back from my business and I take time to move around mulch in the garden, go for a walk, take my kids to the park, or read a book, that’s when all of the ideas flow. ⁣

That’s when things are easy. ⁣

But for some reason, that’s really hard to remember.⁣

I have found myself in hustle mode lately –> Get this done, get that done… pushing to the point where I was so tired by the end of the day that I didn’t want to do anything. ⁣

I was using up all of my energy reserves by 2 pm. While I know I’m not alone in the hustle, I think many people with goals/dreams/desires get so focused that they miss what’s right in front of them. ⁣

The great stuff they already have.⁣

The parts that make you look back and say, “Awesome job, Jessica, you lived the best life!” ⁣

The beautiful part is, I don’t believe it’s one or the other. You can have your big dream AND the best parts of your life.⁣

It just takes you ruthlessly cutting out anything that doesn’t contribute.⁣

Call me the slasher.⁣

So that’s my focus for the month. What’s yours?

About the Author

I'm a consultant for artist entrepreneurs who have started building their following online but haven’t figured who would buy their art. My unique approach enables artists to create a signature brand around their art and work smarter so they can sell more & spend their days creating beautiful things. My clients have doubled their social media following, raised their prices, and sold 3x more art within a matter of months.