Thought of the day

By Jessica Craddock

Oct 10


One of my past clients told me that even though I plant a big garden, play with my kids, and run the Artist Market Co, that I always look in control, sure, and elegant. ⁣

Do I feel in control and sure? Sometimes. ⁣

Elegant? Never.⁣

I do spend a ton of brainpower trying to manage my time better, though.⁣

I’m not talking about trying to figure out how to fit everything in. I learned I couldn’t do that a while ago. Instead, I try to take things OUT.⁣

I had a beautiful morning with my kiddos yesterday and decided I needed MORE of that. More time skipping rocks, looking at art, getting ice-cream, listening to Halloween playlists, and playing on the playground.⁣

I wasn’t in a rush, I was happy. ⁣

I want more.⁣

So I had an idea — ⁣

I decided to challenge myself to 40 hours of non-work time per week this month — even though I’m doing a launch for Anchored Artist 😬 — because I think anything is possible.⁣

Boundaries only make me more creative with finding solutions.⁣

I might curse myself out once in a while for giving myself such tight boundaries — my work time is already stretched so thin — but I’m doing it anyway because I know I’ll come out happier and more efficient on the other end.⁣

If you’re too busy to make time for the good stuff, I’m challenging you to join in, even if it’s only five hours a week. ⁣

Wanna play?

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