Thought of the day

By Jessica Craddock

Nov 11


I’m not naturally a sales person.⁣

When I first started following my dream of being an entrepreneur, I spent a lot of time building my audience. That part comes pretty easily to me — I was able to analyze, see what was working, and rinse and repeat. (My dad is an engineer so I got a lot of his critical thinking skills.)⁣
Relationship building and sales, on the other hand, I stayed pretty far away from. They didn’t come naturally and they were a little scary.⁣

OK, maybe a lot scary.⁣

What about you?⁣

Does the selling part come easily to you? Or maybe you love to connect with people but you’re not great at getting your art in front of new people?⁣

Everyone tends to naturally gravitate and stay stuck in one of these three marketing areas.⁣

But to make consistent sales, you need to learn all three:⁣
1. Building your audience⁣
2. Building relationships⁣
3. Sales⁣

(The good news is you CAN learn them – and find ways to do each one that you enjoy.)⁣
If you could wave a magic wand so you could just focus on one of these marketing areas and forget about the other two, which one would it be?⁣

Beautiful 🖼: @lai.lox

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I'm a consultant for artist entrepreneurs who have started building their following online but haven’t figured who would buy their art. My unique approach enables artists to create a signature brand around their art and work smarter so they can sell more & spend their days creating beautiful things. My clients have doubled their social media following, raised their prices, and sold 3x more art within a matter of months.