Thought of the day

By Jessica Craddock

Oct 31


When the whole “lock-down” thing started, my five-year-old wasn’t able to go to gymnastics anymore, so we started doing ballet classes on YouTube.

Her favorite, Daniella Ballerina, is very basic and meant for a younger age group, but she likes what she likes.

One day, a friend came over to play ballet with her, and when Winnie put on her favorite channel, her friend turned up her nose.”I already know how to do THAT. I had classes.”
She went on to demonstrate her ballet skills, and as I watched, I thought, “Oh no, honey. Some basics would do you good!”
Sometimes we’re in such a hurry to master things that we forget — you’ll never be any good at all unless you have the basics down.

It’s a bit like trying out for a ballet group with a Grande Jeté when you don’t know how to walk on your toes yet.

When I’m trying to get master something, I’ll work with multiple teachers on the same subject because they…
✨ bring their own perspective and examples
✨ specialize in different aspects of the subject
✨ teach in ways that make things click differently

One of these teachers recently told me, “Don’t waste your time trying to get good at everything. Hire people to help you get better at the things you’re already good at.”
If you’re mostly selling art to your friends right now, what better investment could you make than learning to make friends on a larger scale and selling to them?

In marketing speak, that’s known as honing in on your audience and making them happy.

Do you feel like you’ve mastered that yet?

Maybe you’ve even tried other courses to learn how to sell your art, but you still don’t have the basics down…Then Anchored Artist is perfect for you.

Each month, we FOCUS on one piece of what really matters, you so can really learn it, practice it, and get help as you’re doing it.

NOVEMBER’s training is “A Clear Strategy to Make Sales”, where we’ll tease out an individual-to-you plan to increase your audience, engagement and sales.

But enrollment closes TONIGHT. If you’re curious, check out the link in my bio to learn more.

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