Thought of the day

By Jessica Craddock

Oct 24


The other day I wrote down in my journal that I want to move more.⁣

My first thought was, finish your social media post, your masterclass outline, write the emails that need to go out for your newsletter, and remind Anchored Artist members about the bonus money blocks training coming up, and if you can do all of that, take some time to go for a walk before you pick up Winnie at school.⁣

Now reading that list, you and I both know I won’t be going for a walk if that’s the game plan.⁣

But if all those have to get done, how can I justify taking that time for myself?⁣

Here’s where I start evaluating:⁣
🚶‍♀️Will taking that time to move and clear my head help me work faster/better?⁣
🚶‍♀️Do I REALLY need to do all those things?⁣
🚶‍♀️Is there a faster way to do them if I get creative?⁣
🚶‍♀️What is most important to my quality of life in the short term and long term?⁣

(Then I make sure to strategically plan out the rest of my week instead of just throwing things on a to-do list — cuz trying to fit too much into one day is a recipe for all the fails.)⁣

How do you decide what to work on? ⁣

(Old pic circa 2016 but 😍😍😍)

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