Thought of the day

By Jessica Craddock

Oct 16


In high school I always said, “I’m not a real artist” because I had just started creating art. Everyone around me who was into art always had a journal out. They were always doodling or making something beautiful and I didn’t know how to do that.⁣

I didn’t believe that I had a well of art inside me wanting to come out — I just know that I really liked the process and I wanted to get better at it.⁣

I didn’t start calling myself an artist until I started sharing what I was creating with other people. Whether or not I sold, the thing made calling myself an artist ok was that I wasn’t keeping it to myself anymore.⁣

98% of my clients, even those that sell regularly, have a hard time saying, “I’m a real artist” because in their minds they are saying, “I can only be an artist if people love my art enough to buy it — without me “selling” it to them AND I can’t already know them AND it all has to sell the minute I release it.”⁣

That’s a crazy amount of pressure to put on yourself!!⁣

My challenge for you today is to name one way that you can show yourself you are a real artist NOW — to stop withholding that permission/freedom/joy until 100 crazy outside criteria are met.⁣

You with me?⁣

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I'm a consultant for artist entrepreneurs who have started building their following online but haven’t figured who would buy their art. My unique approach enables artists to create a signature brand around their art and work smarter so they can sell more & spend their days creating beautiful things. My clients have doubled their social media following, raised their prices, and sold 3x more art within a matter of months.