'Revive Your Spark' Workshop Series

Rediscover your voice, simplify your art career, and fall in love with becoming known again.

"A few brags to share:

- I hired my first intern last week, my old university funded her working with me for the next few months and already she's doing some amazing research!
- I applied for and was accepted as an 'exhibitor' at Sustainable Earth 2021, alongside some big companies and organisations. It's free and online and could be a great profile builder for me.
- My first solo show starts in two weeks in Hong Kong.
- My old university is also going to feature me on their alumni blog.

I'm learning not to be afraid to apply for things that seem bigger than I 'should' aim for!"

Saskia Saunders

If I think about what I've already learned it's amazing. I can now talk about my work and what it's about, my work has a message, who knew! I know what my vision is and I am starting to see the sort of people I want to either work with or get to know better.

Jayne Evans