How to Set Up Your Welcome Email in MailChimp

By Jessica Craddock

Jan 23

A welcome email is an email that is automatically sent to anyone who signs up for your email list. It is pretty darn important because it is the first taste your reader receives of you, your business and your personality.

Make your first impression count! Put some time and effort into this email. It will being going out to every single new subscriber you get - so make sure it is up to your highest standards!

Turn on Automated Welcome Emails in MailChimp

send out an autoresponder welcome email in mail chimp

STEP 1: Sign in to MailChimp.

STEP 2: Click "Lists", then the list you are using for your art subscribers that is in big blue text. 

STEP 3: Click "Sign up Forms", then "Select" to the right of General Forms.

how to turn on welcome emails in mailchimp

STEP 4: Click the "Forms and response emails" drop down menu and choose "Final welcome email."

STEP 5: Make sure "Send a final welcome email" is checked.​

Add Introduction Email Text

create your welcome email text in mailchimp

STEP 1: Make sure your From, Reply-to and Subject fields are what you want them to be. They will be auto-filled from what you entered when setting up your account and your list. Make any necessary changes.

STEP 2: Scroll down to the text inside the dashed red box. Click on the box to turn it blue, then choose the "Edit" button.

STEP 3: Write your welcome email (or edit mine from the free download below).​

A good welcome email will include the following elements:

  • A conversational version of your elevator speech (a summary of what you do, who you do it for, and why you are unique)
  • Some personal facts so they can get to know you as a real, live person - not just some faceless online entity
  • Links to anything they may want to access like your portfolio, more information about your services, your most used social media channels, etc.
  • Optional, but effective: end the email with an ask of the ONE thing you want them to do most. This is called a "call to action". Examples: Read my about page, Follow me on (social media channel), Tell your friends how they can get a free print by signing up for my email list, etc.
  • A thank you

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Welcome Email Template

Personalize Your Greeting

add subscribers first name to welcome letter in Mailchimp

If you decided to collect first names on your landing page, you can use them to personalize your emails with these instructions.

STEP 1: Write your greeting to a single person using their first name. 

STEP 2: Highlight their name, click the "Merge Tags" dropdown​, and choose "First Name" under "Member Data".

If you are only collecting email addresses, you can use a general greeting like:

  • Just a plain ol' "Hey!", "Hello!" or "Hi!"
  • Hello, art lover! (or some other pet name you use consistently)
  • Just skip the greeting altogether

Add Images to Your Welcome Email

add images to welcome letter in mailchimp

Don't worry about creating super fancy emails with templated layouts and lots of images. Plain is actually better! If your emails look like they came from a big company, the reader is less likely to connect with you, the person. As an artist, your biggest asset is showing that you a real person that they can relate to. Your reader is more likely to purchase from you if they start to think of you as a friend.

Keep the images to a minimum. When you write, pretend you are writing to your BFF. If you would normally include an image to him/her, then do it. Otherwise, you can skip the pretty pictures. 

With that being said, if you still want to include some images, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Place your cursor where you want to insert the image.

STEP 2: Click the image icon that looks like a landscape photo. Then click "browse", find your image, and click "Choose".

STEP 3: If you need to resize your image, make sure you only scale it to a smaller size. Increasing the size will result in a blurry or grainy (read: unprofessional) image. Also, make sure the "Keep Proportions" box is checked.

STEP 4: Click "Save and Insert Image".

Add Your Hyperlinks

link to website in mailchimp welcome letter

Make sure to add hyperlinks to any webpages you want your reader to visit. Don't just type out the URL. By creating a link, you make it super easy for them go where you want.

STEP 1: Go to the webpage you want to lead your reader to. Copy the URL from the address bar.

STEP 2: Highlight text that needs to lead to a website, then click the link icon that looks like two chains linked together. Paste the address into the "Web Address (URL)" box.

STEP 3: ​Repeat until you have added all your links. Then click the "Save and Close" button. 


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