Email Marketing for Artists 

Email marketing is THE most important thing you can do to sell art online, but what if you have no idea where to start?

This guide teaches you why email will significantly up your odds of making sales, how to stop losing leads & build trust, plus step-by-step written instructions and videos to set up your first email list, create a page to collect email addresses, give out a downloadable free print to signups on auto-pilot, and automatically send them a welcome email that lets them know all about you and your art biz.

It's so thorough, you'll even know what your welcome email should say. 

The exact steps demonstrated use MailChimp & Squarespace, but can be used for any website builder or email marketing system you are comfortable using.

What You'll Learn in 'Email Marketing for Artists'

LESSON 1. Why You Absolutely Must Have an Email List
LESSON 2. How to Set Up Your First Email List in MailChimp (+ video walk-through)
LESSON 3. Create a Landing Page & Freebie in Squarespace (+ video walk-through)
LESSON 4. How to Set Up Your Welcome Email in MailChimp (+ video walk-through)
Plus these FREEBIES
Welcome Email Text Example
Copy & Paste Text for Lesson 3 including: Landing Page, Thank You Page & Free Download Page

Example pages

why artists need an email list course page example

Set Up Email Marketing: Lesson 1 (Example Page) - Why You Absolutely Must Have an Email List

create a landing page for artists with freebie example course page

Set Up Email Marketing: Lesson 2 (Example Page) - How to Set Up Your First Email List in MailChimp

artist introduction email in mailchimp

Set Up Email Marketing: Lesson 3 (Example Page) - Create a Landing Page & Freebie in Squarespace

artist introduction email in mailchimp

Set Up Email Marketing: Lesson 4 (Example Page) - How to Set Up Your Welcome Email in MailChimp

What You'll See When You Buy 'Set up Email Marketing for Artists'

Set up Email Marketing for Artists course page


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Start Email Marketing ($97 value) 

Finally get a grasp on email marketing - making it significantly easier than figuring it all out on your own. 

LESSON 1. Three Super Simple Ways to Promote Your Email List
LESSON 2. How & Why You Should Create an Inspiring Giveaway
LESSON 3. What the Heck Should I Send Emails About?!
LESSON 4. How to Create Emails that Sell Art (without Being Pushy)

start email marketing for artists

What Others Have to Say About 'Set Up Email Marketing for Artists'

Remove the Mental Block

Thank you for these lessons. They are very helpful and made this mountain of work a whole lot easier to do. Basically removed this block that made me not do it. I didn't even know what a landing page was.


Wordpress User

The videos were very helpful! I didn't use Squarespace since I already have a WordPress account and website, and I set my opt-in up a little differently than you laid out in the lessons, but even then the videos were still very useful for me. I love the visual aspect -- easier for me to learn that way!


Jam Packed!!

Wow! Jam packed with amazing advice and how-to's!!!


Get the Ball Rolling Again

I just wanted to tell you THANK YOU!

I'm learning so much. I've been doing the art thing, mainly commissions, since 2009 but fell off the radar a couple years back with a move overseas. I'm back in the states now and just starting to get the art ball rolling again.

Anyway, you've been a huge help! I just got set up on mail chimp and am working on reconfirming my old list. I also set up a free art print landing page for my new subscribers.

Looking forward to more lessons!


I learned so much

I will keep your words and I will remember every time I am uncertain in myself. I learned so much from you and from your guide. I will be grateful as long as I live. Thank you.

Flóra Fekete

Best I've Seen

This was VERY helpful!! Thank you so much. I'm pretty sure your content // lessons are the most helpful art marketing tips I've seen so far. So, thank you.😀🌈🦄💖

I use mailchimp and squarespace. I love them both, but definitely needed that lesson on landing pages. And a free print they can print themselves at home? So simple, but perfect!!😱🦋✌🏼