One easy assignment to uplevel the energy in your art business

By Jessica Craddock

Jun 02

This past weekend, I flew down to Orlando to take part in a business retreat, and on the way down there I had a four hour layover. I sat down to write this newsletter and all of a sudden, I realize that it's about time for my flight.

I pull my head out of my computer and look around. There isn't a soul. My flight has moved terminals. I run across the airport. I get there. It's too late. I now have another four hour layover. What am I going to do with all this time?

I started walking around and I saw my favorite store in the world (that I hadn't been to in ages), MAC Cosmetics. I remembered this piece of me from years and years ago, where I used to wear all these crazy colors. I'd start the day by painting my eyelids blue, or put on some bright pink lipstick, or whatever the combination of the day would be.

I would start my day off inspired and confident with this amazing energy instead of just waking up, throwing something on, going about my day. That little extra ten or fifteen minutes to do something funky and different, even from the day before, would start me off in such a better place.

I'd have the most amazing days because I just felt great all day long. So I had that memory and said, "You know what? That is something I'm bringing back." I loved being that person who would even have a funky pink streak in her hair or whatever it was that I felt like doing that day to showcase my personality.

Upleveling means you can make more empowered decisions

So I decided how I'm going to bring that back to become an even better version of my older self. 

Upleveling means that you take yourself to a more confident place, so you can make life-changing decisions from an empowermeant.

In order to uplevel, we don't always having to change into a whole new person. Sometimes upleveling means remembering who you are and going backwards into that past period of time where you felt really great about yourself. 

Remember when you've already been the best version of yourself

What were some of the key things that you were doing during that time period that made you feel like your best version of yourself?

I bring this up because selling art is not just about writing the post the right way, knowing who to reach out to, and all of those bits and pieces.

At least half of learning to sell art is about the energetics behind it. It's about being that confident person who's so in love with what they do, that they just can't help talking about it. They can't help radiating, and people want a piece of that.

Making decisions from a place of "what are they gonna think? Are they gonna like it? Is it gonna be okay? What if I bothering them?" is keeping you small.

Being that upleveled person -- a empowered, energetically aligned person -- helps you source your decisions from inside. "What do I really want to be doing? What is going to excite me? What is going to motivate me? What is going to make me feel like I am living my best life every day?"

This feels so much better than looking at a to do list, "check, check, check", always behind, never enough time... that's not a good place and not what I want for you. What I want is for you to be living that best version of your life, as cliche as that sounds.

What does that mean for you?

How can you be that person who is so in love with their life and their art and their business? People just are magnetically attracted to you.

It doesn't matter maybe what they would have thought before, because you are standing tall and confident. You just can't help yourself, and people want a piece of that. That is going to make a huge difference in your energy, in the way that you see life and business and art, and it's going to give you everything that you're wanting.

An easy assignment for you to live your best life

So my challenge for you today is not to try to become this whole other person, but to think back into your past.

When were you that person? Have you ever been that person? When were you the closest to that person, and what are some tweaks that you can make to remember who that person was inside of this new version of you in the future?

I'm super excited for you. If you want to share with me what you're doing, please feel free to put it in the comments.

I would love to hear from you!


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