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"I have attended a few ‘masterclasses’ recently and this one is the ONLY one that I have found truly helpful and beneficial!" -- Jess B.

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I am currently accepting applications for Season 3 of the Intuitive Art Sales podcast!

If you loved listening to Season 1&2 where I help artists figure out the next action steps towards their biggest vision, and you would like for me to walk you through that process, I highly encourage you to apply.

Even if…
  • you’ve never been on a podcast before
  • it makes you nervous
  • you don’t know what to ask
…Apply anyway! My area of expertise is making everything you are doing work better, so all you’ll have to do is lean back and let me be your guide.

My Story

For years I wondered why everyone else seemed to have a “mission” or “purpose” behind their business and I didn’t.

I mean, I did, but it seemed so superficial... “Help others sell art”.

Ya. Great.

It wasn’t like I was going to make any sort of bigger impact past entrepreneurship, but I was ok with that, because I’d rather not come up with something fake "just because I should".

Then a few years ago I had a revelation... 

Praise and Testimonials

I'm starting to think I really CAN design and achieve a lifestyle that feels more sane and intuitive-driven. And that is amazing! (Watch out limiting belief #1!)

Ray Ray Artist

I also sold one piece that was by far my biggest sale yet. I didn't have people balk at my prices like they did in the past. I have five solid leads to follow up on this week and a handful of soft leads.

Alexandra Artist

You are a marketing wizard, Jessica! I have started workshops, I have collaborated with cafes and studios locally, with groups and agencies... I am really moving. Thank you to you.

Pallavi ● Artist


The Artist's Day Masterclass

Know where to spend your time in order to make more sales, feel more sane, and have better life balance.