Not too long ago, I had someone ask me: "How do I stop feeling guilty for wanting more? I've already got a lot! I've got a nice house. I've got kids, I've got a husband. I've got a practice I love. And I still want more and I feel guilty about it. How do I move past that?"

I wanted to share the two tricks that I shared with her in order to help her move past some of that resistance so she could go out and get that money that she desires in her art business.

Trick number one: Realizing that if you receive money, that does not mean someone else will not be able to do the same. 

There is more than enough money floating around, and by you grabbing a piece of it that has nothing to do with there being less for someone else. More money is printed every day.

One of my favorite movies is "Hello, Dolly." In the movie, Barbara Streisand quotes her husband as saying saying, "Money, pardon the expression, is like manure. It's not worth a thing, unless it's sprinkled around encouraging young things to grow." And that is what you are.

By letting people sprinkle money on you, that is going to help your business grow into its own raving empire. When you have money, you are able to reciprocate. You can do the same. You can spread money around for other artists, local businesses, farmers, bookstores, whatever it is that you so want to support. By having that money in your hands, it is only going to better the world.

Trick number two: Adopt the mindset that we are not here for money.

It sounds odd. Trust me, just follow along for a minute.

Money is not a real thing in itself, right? It's just an arbitrary number. The reason that we want the money in the first place is because it allows us to have the feelings that we desire. It allows us to have the rich life that we are pursuing. It allows us to live our dream.

When you connect money with your values. What are your values that are so important to you?

It could be freedom. It could be expression. It could be nurturing the people around you, it could be safety. It could be any number of things. (And my guess is those things tie into your art as well, but that's another video for another day.)

Money equals those things for you. It's not just money in a bank account. It's the ability to have those values, desires, feelings.

When you look at it that way it makes it really hard to equate money with evil or selfishness or all of these things that money's given such a bad rap for.

So if you've been feeling guilty about wanting more, go back and:

1) Look at where you would spend your money. Where would all of that be sprinkled around too?

2) Also what parts of yourself would grow into who you want to be as a result? Okay. I hope that was helpful.  

See you next time.

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About the Author

Jessica Craddock

I mentor intuitive visual artists who are sick of one-size-fits all formulas sell more work, more consistently, at higher prices — with better work/life balance. My clients regularly make 3x more in art sales within a year.

Using my signature Consistent Income method, we’ll push you over the precipice of some really amazing growth so you can become the creator of your next chapter.

My secret sauce is that we focus on not just the "doing", but also the "being". Affirmations, trusting yourself, knowing when to go slow and when to go fast, practicing getting out of your comfort zone and making room for the feelings that go with that... all this is equally as important as the action steps.

For once, you'll be ahead of the game and understand what's right for you.

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