I'm here today with a little tip for you on how to use video inside of your artist newsletter. Now this is especially if you are trying to use more Instagram videos or if you're just feeling like, "This sounds like a fun little project. Let's try something new."

It's a good idea to also use that video in as many ways as possible and your newsletter is one of those. So I'm going to show you a couple of easy options to insert that video into your artist newsletter.

Step 1: Open a newsletter and add space for an image

In any email provider, they make it really simple to add an image to your newsletter. I am using Active Campaign. I used to use Convertkit. I briefly used MailChimp before that. And every single one of those platforms you could add an image. It's just a really standard feature.

So what you're going to do here is add an image block or insert an image or however yours works.

Step two: Grab your video link and a screenshot

And then we're going to go pause for a moment and go find our video. Where is your video hosted? Is it in YouTube? Is it in Instagram? We're not trying to actually insert the video into the email, because that would make it big and it kind of takes away a couple of different opportunities that we can use. So let's say it's on Instagram. Sorry, I'm having trouble talking and typing at the same time. 

Now let's say I want to promote a video that I have on IGTV. 

So I'm going to go find that video, click on it. 

Let's do this one. 

And I am just going to take a screenshot - in Mac it's control+command+four. You can do this whole thing or just a piece, whatever makes the most sense.  Then I'm going to go back into my newsletter. I'm going to add that to my photos by dragging and dropping it.

As it adds that image, I can then select it. 

And they can use this image to click on to go straight to the video. So in order to do that, what you're going to do is get the link to the video, highlight the image and add in a link for it to go to. 

Then I just copy and paste the link to the Instagram video right into box that says image link. 

When I save this newsletter and send it out. Anyone who clicks on the picture will be automatically taken to the video, which starts playing on Instagram. You can use this on YouTube, Facebook, or any other video platform of your choice.

Optional: Create your video in Loom for a GIF.

Another program that I love is called Loom. 

I love Loom because I can use it with my clients to record answers to their questions, make them little tutorials, all of those kinds of fun little ideas, but I use it constantly.

The reason I'm showing it to you is because if you are doing some sort of video where you want to record your screen, or you want to do what's called a talking head video there's something really fun built in that took me a little while to find.

You can hit this little share button.

And then go to embed and right click the image on the left.

And click save image as. What that's going to do is instead of giving you a photo, it's going to give you a GIF.

GIFs are fun. So instead of the static image, you get a moving image that they can click on and see, oh, this is obviously at a quick glance, a video. 

And even within that, it's also got that little play button, which is really a nice little touch.

So you'll do the same thing - insert the GIF into the image block and add a link to the video inside the image link box.

And there you go. 

Use this technique to bump up views on the algorithm

When I send this instead of actually having an embedded video that takes up a lot of space and might get marked as spam, it's going to go to where it's already hosted and it's going to play there. 

Now, if you were doing this on Instagram or Facebook or whatever your preferred platform is... YouTube... like I showed you before the beautiful thing about that is that it would automatically give you more views on that video to help bump you up a little bit in the algorithm.

So there are definite advantages to using video in your email to send them to the platform where your video is already hosted.

Becides that, video is just a great way to add a little bit more of a personal touch to your email.

I hope this was a helpful tutorial for you. Have a beautiful day.

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