Artist’s Marketing Basics Bundle

You want to sell your art online, but you’re kinda in the dark about how it all works. The biggest problem is you don’t know where to start. There’s so much free advice out there. You keep finding yourself stranded, getting lost in all the information until you lose your momentum.

You  don't know where to put in your effort in marketing. You’re busy! You have a life and art to make. There’s NO time for this nonsense. 

Before you waste more of your precious life searching Pinterest for the answer, let me present an alternative. 

The Artist’s Marketing Basics Bundle

The Artist’s Marketing Basics Bundle will help you:
  • Make your efforts more focused - no more sitting down to 'get to work' then wondering what to do
  • Set up an easy, simple website you can sell through that will be complemented by your new, fully-functional email list
  • Start making the transition from casual to full-time art 

The lessons are spaced out juust enough -  you’ll receive four simple lessons to implement each month. You’ll still have time to live your life while what you once thought was a mountain of work disappears before your eyes. There's amazing power in accomplishing a little at a time, consistently - especially when someone else is guiding you along, whispering in your ear what to do next.

By the time you reach the end of the lessons, you’ll:
  • Have a huge boost in confidence
  • Be (finally) satisfied with your website
  • Feel ready to put yourself out thereget your art seen and start profiting from your hard work

what's included?

basic marketing for artists
Month 1: Marketing 101

A Simple Way to Connect with Your Buyers - Learn an easy way to start figuring out who would buy your art and how to connect with your them so you can sell more art. 

How to Write a Focused Elevator Speech - Get to the bottom of your message so you can tell people what you do quickly and in a way they’ll remember. This is a remarkably simple way to start getting referrals and get people interested in you before they even see your art. 

The #1 Reason People Aren't Buying Your Art - Heres a hint: they don’t trust you! I'd be willing to bet you've rarely if ever, bought from someone online who doesn't look like they have their sh*t together. Learn simple methods to go from amateur to pro in your audience's eyes.

How to Price Your Original Artwork - Are you selling yourself short? Charging too much? Price your artwork juuust right no matter where you are in your journey. 

I made sales immediately.

"I was able to get much more specific about my branding and have an “elevator speech” for the first time. That is a big win for this introvert who hates small talk.

I made sales immediately after my website launched, even from buyers I had never met in person. That made it very clear that the online marketing strategies were working."

 - Kim Whaley

It is an eye-opener!

"First of all, the guides have been a wake-up call, I am now beginning to see how much I need to learn!
This has led to me to think of new approaches to begin branding and learning how to tell my story.

I liked how you broke everything down into steps and gave clear examples explaining the different stages and ideas or blueprints of how to get it done. I think many artists can use this sort of coaching, it is an eye-opener!"

 - Cathy Kiffney

email marketing for artists
Month 2: Set up Email Marketing

Why You Absolutely Must Have an Email List - Did you know email marketing has a 4400%* return on your investment? You’re not gonna find that anywhere else. (*according to the 2016 Annual Email Marketing Report)

How to Set Up Your First Email List in MailChimp - I’ll walk you through step-by-step how to set up a mailing list in MailChimp (which is free up to 2000 subscribers), but you can use any email marketing service you like.

Create a Landing Page & Freebie in Squarespace - When you're asking someone to sign up for your mailing list, a freebie is always a great idea. I’ll show you how to give away a digital print (requiring no extra time on your part) as a bonus for your subscribers.

How to Set Up Your Welcome Email in MailChimp - This lesson will tell you how to write a perfect welcome email that makes you look professional, shows who you are and what you do, and gets sent automatically when someone subscribes.

While these lessons are taught with specific steps for MailChimp and Squarespace, they can be used with any email marketing system or website builder you prefer as long as you have a general understanding of how they work. 

I used something different than Squarespace

I already have a WordPress account and website, and I set my opt-in up a little differently than you laid out in the lessons, but even then the how-to videos were still very useful for me. I love the visual aspect -- easier for me to learn that way!

 - Elizabeth Patterson

I started my list!

"I've actually started growing an email list instead of just focusing on Instagram. I would definitely recommend the lessons for newer artists."

 - Kristin Ingram

start email marketing for artists
Month 3: start email marketing

Three Super Simple Ways to Promote Your Email List - Two once-and-done methods to increase email subscribers, and the foolproof way to make sure your first email blast goes to out to people who are interested in your art (not just your mom!).

How & Why You Should Create an Inspiring GiveawayA step-by-step guide to creating a winning giveaway geared toward your art buyers and how to get eyeballs on it.

What the Heck Should I Send Emails About?! - Nine ideas of what to share with your email list plus how to stay consistent and make sure you don’t run out of ideas.

How to Create Emails that Sell Art (without Being Pushy) - An easy formula to write an email asking people to buy your art that feels easy and natural.

I actually sent a newsletter

"I actually sent an email newsletter, after collecting addresses for years! You hit on all the essentials and give really good examples of how to get started."

 - Cindy McDonough

artist website that sells art
Month 4: Create a Website that Actually Sells Art

20 Tips to Create a Killer Artist Website - If you want your website to stand out from the crowd, you'll want to explore these tips to sell art and make your website look snazzy.

Write an Artist About Page that Doesn't Suck - Learn a formula that will add intrigue and action-taking to your copy - no more visitors' eyes glazing over and rolling in the back of their head!

14 Ways to Write a Best-Selling Art Description - Make your art infinitely more buyable with an interesting and informative product description.

11 Tips to Write an Outstanding Contact Page - Wanna look like a pro? Look no further than the often neglected contact page. Knowing what to include here will help separate you from the amateurs. 

Already gotten several commissions!

I took the advice from your lessons about my website and have done a huge overhaul. I'm so happy with the results. I've already gotten several commissions from it!

 - Shelby

My website began to help me.

"Your guides totally changed the way I was thinking about my website and my online presence. Instead of taking the website as a presentation of my work, it slowly became a real helper in my art business. I'd definitely recommend them. Because they are the best 🙂 I love the way of thinking that you teach in them."

 - Sova Hůová 

artist instagram account
Month 5: instagram marketing

These 4 Tips Will Make Your Profile Work Harder - Make your bio findable and relatable, while using it grow your art business, all in 140 characters. It can be done. 

Stop Wasting Your Time with the Wrong Hashtags - Learn to use hashtags effectively to help more of the right people find your profile.

Is Growth Stalling on Your Instagram Account? - Get more followers without sleazy tactics like going to every profile you can find and leaving three likes and a comment, then unfollowing them when they follow you. None-a-that-crap-here.

Are Your Posts "Blah"? Learn to Make Them Shine - Have follower envy every time you scroll through your feed? Turn that frown into a pretty little smile by making your posts equally drool-worthy. 

Found my focus and my Instagram is streamlined!

"I was able to find my focus and set reasonable goals. That is always difficult for me to do. I also liked the layout of all the information. It was very detailed and easy to follow. Now my Instagram is more streamlined and I loved the information on how to price my work. "

 - Jessica Davis 

Still gaining followers

I decreased my salesy messages on Instagram and increased my personal posts. I'm still gaining followers! I recommend these lessons because most artists are not marketing experts."

 - Lori Parish

how are the lessons delivered?

You'll receive the main four weekly lessons via email, but they can also be found with bonus content like templates, videos, and resources, neatly packaged into a Teachable course, so you can find all the tools you need in one place when you want to go further or revisit the lessons. 

You'll also get additional tips and feedback opportunities that will be delivered in real time to your inbox as you're working through the lessons.

These guides will take you from all over the place to ready to take on the world - one easy step at a time.


Invaluable advice you'll love to use

Learning from Jessica is like having a coffee with a good friend who has tons of invaluable advice to give you, but it’s advice that you will love to use and implement!"

 - Jessica Singerman

Getting more sign ups

"I am getting more sign ups for my e-news and I feel much more confident in my marketing. You speak the language of artists. You understand our reluctance to self market and you make it do-abel."

 - Michelle Motuzas

Give me goals and focus

Working on my lessons... finished the basics and I'm already hooked!

You accomplished taking me by the hand. Your emails help me to not feel lost or alone, they give me goals and focus. So far nothing from me but excellent feedback!

 - Cassandra Wozniak

Finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel

I'm all over the place going nowhere fast. I feel, through your lessons, that I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Things are slowly starting to make sense. The internet is such a huge place and it's hard to know where to focus your attention and get the most bang for your buck. 

So, thank you for putting so much of your time into making these lessons. Thank you for the encouragement and examples. I am going to keep up, read every word, and do every exercise you throw at me.

 - Rebecca

I tell people what they want to know, authentically

"I would absolutely recommend these guides to other artists. They are well-organized and easy to understand. It's clear that you understand the specific challenges of the artist in presenting their art as the guides were immediately relevant to the issues I was trying to solve.

I've been more confident with my marketing because the guides helped me understand what people want to know so that I can provide that information authentically (instead of trying to slam my meaning into a sales script).

A month in between them was great. It takes time to digest the information and understand how it applies and then I still had to do the work after that."

 - Ronee Parsons