Since you are reading this, I'm assuming you

  • are having trouble growing your email list/fanbase & therefore struggling to make sales online
  • use WordPress

Did you know, on average, only 1-2% of the people that visit your website will sign up for your email list? That's pretty terrifying.

That means you need 100 visitors to get 1-2 email signups.

Lemme tell ya, that's going to take forever to get anywhere.

While everyone else is spending tons of time on social media posts, I spend time working on figuring out how to get more signups. 

Less time looking for visitors = more time to work on the important things. 

How do I do this? Every week I...

  1. Write down how many website visitors I get and how many people sign up for my list
  2. Slightly change a sign up form on my website
  3. Check my numbers again after one week
  4. Keep the changes if my numbers went up or go back to the way the form was before if they go down
  5. Repeat.
Depending on the month, I average between 7-12% of people who visit my website signing up for my email list.

That's 7-12 signups for every 100 visitors. Not too shabby!

You could use this method without any special tools, but I have one that makes it super duper easy - a plugin called Thrive Leads

It has many features, but my favorite is one called A/B testing. It does most of the steps above for you.

All that is left is to make a slight change to any sign up form and let the plugin run a test of which version is most effective. It will automatically choose the winner for you. 

You can create multiple types of sign up forms and have multiple tests going at the same time without having to keep track of what is performing the best.

Using Thrive Leads will get you to a better sign-up rate much faster. 

I've been all of Thrive's tools for years and I'll vouch for their effectiveness anytime, but Thrive Leads has a special place in my heart. 

And the price is fantastic. 

Click here to find out more about $67 Thrive Leads.

What does it do?

Instead of using one email opt-in form across your website like you probably are now, you can use many different types of opt-in forms. They can even be customized to show different offers on different pages.

With the A/B testing feature, you can make changes to a form and Thrive Leads will tell you what changes work by testing them on your visitors. Keep refining your changes further till you get more and more sign-ups with the same number of visitors.

More email signups = more art sales. 

What types of mailing list opt-ins can I put on my site with this plugin? 

If you've heard of it, there's a good chance you can do it with Thrive Leads. Popups, a ribbon that stays at the top of a webpage as the user scrolls, slide-ins, forms in the middle of or at the bottom of posts, forms for widget areas, forms that fill the screen and more.

One of my favorite features is that you can use any combination of types of forms, and have them show only on specific pages, posts or categories according to what you are offering.

For example, you could offer a 20% off your store pop-up coupon on a store page, a free download for opt-ing in on a blog post in the widget area, and a free consultation slide-in on your commissions page. And run different A/B tests for all of them at the same time.

How hard is it to use? Do I need to know coding?

No! A drag and drop builder lets you change anything you want from text to layout, colors, fonts, and images. No coding needed! They include free help desk tickets for an entire year after purchasing.

How will it help me more than another list building plugin?

Oh, let me count the ways. Here are a few:

You can...

  • Choose not to show offers to people who have already opted in so they don't become annoyed if they keep coming back
  • Tweak the way each form shows on mobile if you aren't happy with how it automatically turns out
  • Change what information you collect on each opt-in form. One can be just email while another has name, email, a drop down form and a checkbox
  • They are always updating with new features like exit intent - and updates are free forever

Does it work with my email provider?

Unless you use something extremely obscure, the answer is yes. Active Campaign, Aweber, Constant Contact, ConvertKit, Drip, MailChimp, MailerLite, Ontraport and 30+ more will work.

Why do I care so much about building my email list again?

It takes an average of seven interactions with you before a customer considering your art will actually make a purchase. Even if you can get them to visit your site, there is a 50-80% chance they won't come back after the first time unless you stay on top of their mind. Social media algorithms are so stinkin' wonky, the best way to do that is with their email address.

Does it really work?

I'm writing this email at 9:30am, and I just went to my website to take a screenshot of how it is doing today. Here's the results. I didn't doctor them or wait for the right results - these are real time. Compared to a 1-3% standard conversion rate, I'd say the answer is heck ya.

(Conversion rate: the number of people who sign up for my email list divided by the number of website visitors)

So there you have it. The answers to all your burning questions (hopefully - if not feel free to ask).

If you want to read more about it on their sales page or you're excited enough to bust a move and make a purchase, click here.

XO, Jessica

P.S. You might be wondering why I'm taking the time to tell you about a product that isn't mine.

  • I will receive $23 if you buy Thrive Leads, which by the time 3 or 4 of you do will hardly be worth the time I spent on this, but every little bit helps.
  • In the very first email I ever sent you, I said "my personal goal is to help you learn to make money from your art online". I meant it - and I think this will be one of those tools that makes a big impact on your business if you put in the time.
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