artist websites that build a following


The problem is you’ve loaded great pictures and added thought-out price tags to your website, but you can’t figure out how to make your art sell.

Maybe you’ve got some new ideas, but you don't have the motivation to work on your site. Deep down, you know you’re just procrastinating because you don’t want to waste your time on something that won’t make any difference.

Right now, your people are coming to your site and leaving before they take a good look around. What’s the point of even trying?! You want someone to plop down next to you and just tell you what to do already.

You’re ready to attract real customers so you can spend more time living your purpose and bringing color to the world. You dream about how much more fulfilling your days will be when you can earn money by bringing your artistic visions to life.

Imagine if you knew the secret sauce that would teach people to see value in your art.

That’s what I want to give you one-on-one help with.

What you need is to learn how to present your art differently so that website visitors see you as a shining "one in a million" instead of just one of millions. 

As a result you will…

  • Finally be able to attract those customers who are perfect for you
  • Make them want to hear from you and buy from you
  • Learn where to put your energy, so working hard turns into working smart

What does Artist Websites that Build a Following include?

‘All About You' Questionnaire so I can get inside your head and find out what makes you and your art tick before we chat. I want to make sure that we present your art in a way that represents your vision and your truth.

‘Lets Get Together' 30 min Video Chat Before our chat, I'll brainstorm selling points to showcase your true creativity. We'll talk them over, then I'll craft a proposal to make your art stand out in people’s minds so they’ll love you, share you, buy you. 

'You Tell 'Em' Word-for-Word Finally figure out who you are marketing to with a recommended audience and summary of their personality to make creating emails and social media easier. Instead of feeling pushy and self centered when writing content, you'll be able to create content they want to read that encourages buying. You'll receive a customized ‘elevator speech’ that speaks to them so they'll be interested from the moment they hear about you. 

'Add New Life' Website Plan To transform your website from sterile to meaningful, you'll receive headlines that help convey who you are and why you make art. You'll also get my recommendation for an email opt-in that blends your uniqueness with what your customer values and wants to receive. Lastly, you'll get a detailed plan to make sure your website showcases ‘the new you’ (who is really just the old you in better wrapping paper).

'I Gotcha' Follow-Up’ I want to make sure you’re super comfortable as you get up and running, so we’ll have a 15 minute follow up video chat where you can ask me anything you run into as you are using your new plan. You'll receive access to exclusive lessons created from frequently asked questions and alerted via email when new lessons come out. Perhaps most valuable of all, you'll also be able to purchase additional one-time or monthly individual help that is not available any other way. 

You can finally be the artist that pops to the front of their mind instead of being pushed to the back with “all the other artists” they’ll quickly forget, and I can help.

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"When I opened your email up and looked at (my website plan), I almost cried. And at the same time yelling that this is exactly what I've been looking for for 2 years. This is the blueprint I didn't even know I needed."

- Michelle Motuzas

"I was afraid that, when becoming serious about selling my art, I would lose some of the artistic quality in my work. But the opposite happened. 

The questions Jessica asked me to reflect about, started a process where I got a much clearer idea about what I am doing and where I am going with my art. The process confirmed to me that I want to make and sell art - and I want to take this work seriously at my own pace. And I am feeling more confident now.

Jessica put an amazing amount of work into helping me. Much more than I had expected."

- Lulu Sand