Why we think we can't charge more

It's so easy to tell ourselves we have to price our art low so people will buy it -- because "art isn't a necessity. It's a luxury." How many times have you told yourself that? Probably quite a few.

Here's the issue with that line of thinking: If we, as ARTISTS, believe that it is a not necessity, we'll pass that belief along to everyone we meet.

Sure. If you can't afford food or clothes or a home, purchasing art is not going to be at the top of your priority list, but human beings need art. Even as hunter/gatherers, when food was the thing you thought about morning, noon and night, we made art.

Art has existed as far back in history as we can dig up.

History proves this belief is false

At many times in history, artists have been toward the top of the totem pole because it's been so valued -- in so many cultures -- in so many points in history.

Yet we, as the artists in our current culture, in our current history, believe it's not "as important as XYZ."

If we don't believe in it, why is anyone else going to? 

This belief shift has to be something that we choose:

  • We choose to believe art is valuable. 
  • We choose to believe it's a necessity. 
  • We choose to believe it's going to change the world for the better (in whatever way that your art inspires people)

Your beliefs affect all of us

What if we decided allowing ourselves to devalue our work is not an option?

Because here's the truth: This is not a battle against ourselves to believe in our art's worth. 

It's your duty as an artist of the 21st century to believe your art is worth more, because your belief affects all of us. 

You don't have a choice. You can't be sitting here arguing with yourself over whether or not my art is worth $10 more than it was yesterday. 

You must choose to believe more empowering thoughts.

It's like voting. If you don't vote, everybody else gets to decide history. And if you're voting against yourself.... well, something's gotta change.

Homework to empower your thoughts

So homework for today, write down every thought that comes to your mind that is disempowering. Not just to you, but to art, and artists, and the better world that you would like to see. Just take stock. 

We can't change what we think unless we notice what we think.

That is step one to creating change. Noticing. 

Notice and journal: How am I disempowering myself and my artist community? What are the thoughts that I am thinking that are creating the world I don't want to live in?

You got this! XOXO,

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