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Is all the feedback you're getting from people who don’t have the budget to buy your work disheartening? Watch this training to find out the five possible problems that are causing this situation!

Seven hundred email subscribers, two sales, and a collaboration with the Alzheimers Foundation after only one month.

  -- Karlene Ellsworth


A group coaching program for artists who want to build real, genuine connections to sell art, conquer one thing at a time with clear objectives, and decide they are ready to bring their unique colors to an even bigger world.


What’s the only difference between you and an artist who wakes up saying "another piece sold!?! yessssss!" ?

    If you guessed building an Etsy an shop or online store...you’d be wrong.
  • If you guessed creating a gorgeously curated Instagram...you’d be wrong. 
    And if you guessed doing every single artist challenge that’s popular on Instagram, lowering your prices, or shelling out to open your own print shop you’d still be wrong, wrong, wrong. 

Look I get it! Your mission is to spread beauty in the world, follow your inspiration, AND make money doing it.

But instead of living your perfectly curated dream life and earning the cash to fund it, you find:

    You have way too many ideas. All the marketing research you’re doing means you have 13 ideas right now and don’t know which one to follow so you don’t waste all your time.
  • The pursuit of your dream is turning into burnout and you’re questioning if you can do it. Every direction you go feels like you’re spinning your wheels. Every now and then you get some traction, but then it backslides.
    There’s no time left over for you, even though that was the reason you started down this path in the first place. You’re pulled in too many directions with your job/family/marketing. There’s no energy left at the end of the day for you to read a book or write in your journal so you just go to bed instead. Maybe tomorrow.
    Now you have to deal with navigating pandemic life on top of everything else. You're trying to find your voice amongst all this change, but you're stuck in your head.

Sure, you’ve sold some pieces, but you’re ready to make stable, consistent sales that mean you can buy that pop-up camper, remodel your studio, or take a trip to Tuscany.


I’m gonna tell you right now artist--it’s not your fault you’re floundering...

You have some seriously disempowering beliefs that need upgrading.

Belief #1: In order to make sales “that count,” they have to be from people you've never had contact with.

What "counts" is when someone is willing to exchange their hard-earned dollars to have a piece of your art. Are you willing to let go of the belief that you're only good enough if they're a random stranger?

That's a really lonely way to do business, and it's extremely ineffective until you're at a point where media outlets and galleries are pursuing you (which is the direction I'm going to take you).

In the meantime, I want to show you a way to do business that lets you shine as yourself, meet some really cool people, and create a community around you that fuels your creativity.

Belief #2: I'm not ready to go big yetI need to get my [fill in the blank] polished up first.

Every artist I know is so much farther along than they give themselves credit for, and I can guarantee you that you're the same.

Our brains are hardwired to not give ourselves enough props, and I'm really good at helping you see that, with maybe a few small tweaks, you are ready and good enough to do the things out of your comfort zone.

This is where you go from random sales to a real business.


So, tell me. How has a seriously talented, resourceful artist like you not gotten further yet?

In just a sec I’m gonna give you a peek under the hood at how you’ll go from an overwhelmed, inconsistent idea-factory to full-fledged artpreneur making sales on the reg and loving life. 

But first--


Let’s talk about what life should look like for someone as committed, hardworking, creative, and ambitious as you...


Conquer your fears

You'll do things you never would've done on your own when you hang around me.

Imagine what your life would look like if you consistently took small steps to push your comfort zone. Would you show up on video every week so people could really get to know you? Would you write the newsletter that sells a $500 painting? Action is how you get what you want. Let me help you take it.

The Artist Market | Successful Marketing Plan for Artists

Be visible to people who love your mission and style

The more people who see you = the more chances your art will find it's perfect home  = more money in your bank account to put towards monster windows for your studio.

Not to mention... you'll find those soulmate superfans who feed your energy, share you with others, and help you sell more art in a way that lights you up.


Do less

Let's annihilate all the things you think you should be doing by... not doing them.

Instead, I'll show you how to focus on projects that will get you the sales while also getting your life back.  No one wants to do more. Let's do less.


First sale on Etsy ever & Hippie Culture Co. printed one of his designs on their clothing line in the first month.

  -- Dave Lennon

The Artist Market | Successful Marketing Plan for Artists

Jessica Craddock

I'm a mentor/sneaky therapist/marketing plan doula for passionate artists like you who are hungry to grow, but don't know what to do next.  

My unique approach enables artists to grow an authentic-to-you brand around your art, connect with more people, and feel confident and put together so you can sell more and spend your days creating beautiful things. 

My clients have doubled their social media following, raised their prices, and sold 3x more art within a matter of months. 


Anchored Artists is for you if you...


Have that entrepreneurial fire. The idea of making money that aligns with how you want to spend your time excites the hell out of you.


Enjoy some parts of marketing, but you haven't figured out how all the pieces fit together. You want to go from "patchy" to well-oiled machine.


Live by the mantra, “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” You want someone to show you how things work, but once you figure it out, you'll really enjoy putting your own spin on it.


Love learning about yourself, thinking outside the box, and believe a little "woo" is good for the soul.                                      


 Are willing to face your fears (with a little loving guidance) and start playing in the big leagues.                                                  


Are looking for some support in your life. You know you can't do everything yourself and it'd be really nice to feel like someone was holding you up for a change.

You with me

so far?


Excellent. Here's how we're going to accomplish all this...

Using my signature Anchored Artist™ method, we’ll take you through every single step and bust every roadblock on your way to doing less and getting more.

You'll leave with a marketing plan that incorporates relationships, realness, and high-vibes.

Each month, we'll work through a focused, whole-self training to help you become an Anchored Artist. Here's what's coming up next...


Confidence and Courage

Join by Sept 30th to get in on this gem!

This Upgrade Your Mindset training focuses on resilience, taking steps with ease, inner and outer growth, and your core.

Let's clear out that cloud in your head that's making you confused and unable to take action. You'll learn what you truly desire, map out the steps to get you there, and gain the confidence and courage to do what you need to do.

Finally! No more wondering what to do next. You'll have a beautiful, actionable path forward that's perfectly unique to you and your dreams... and be well on your way as we start working through it together.


When you join, you will choose between a month-to-month membership or six months. Within a six month period, you'll receive a training in each of these categories, covering the entire Anchored Artist™ method!

We use these strategy categories as the vehicle to turn you into a confident, connected, polished artist with real vibes who's in full bloom.


When you're trying to do too many things, not much is going to work. Or at least work well. We're gonna cut out all the crap and simplify what you're doing so you can start running a well-oiled machine.

Stop writing content that's generic and blah, and start hearing "oh ya, I really resonate with that. I love your brand!" When your writing connects, you'll stand out from the crowded world of online artists and become one-of-a-kind, even if your art does resemble other artists. (hint: everyone's does!)

Let's explore ways for your marketing to work when you're not at your desk. What does your funnel look like and how does it bring in more leads while you're sleeping? What is the point of each piece of your marketing? Let's nail it down and iron out the kinks so everything runs smoothly.


Figure out what type of buyer would align with the core message of the art you want to put out into the world AND learn how to brand yourself to stand out to them.

Past "Ideal Art Buyer" trainings:

Identify & find ideal art buyers that align with your values


Create a sphere of people around you who love and want to buy you and your art. This is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to increase your art sales exponentially. 

Past "Build Relationship" trainings:

Build relationships & collaborate with people/brands who have similar audiences


I could give you every strategy you need under the sun, but until you learn how to move past self-doubt, you'll have a hard time taking action and believing in yourself and your abilities. Once you conquer this piece, anything will be possible for you.


What's included?

Monthly 'Core Art-Selling Skill’ Training

A recorded training to go deep on our monthly topic so you can learn a skill that will show you what to work on right now. These skills will show you how to know the right ways to promote yourself using less time and effort so you can do what works AND free up some "me time".

'I’m Scrolling Anyway’ Continued Learning

You’ll receive access to an “exclusive to members" Instagram account that will help you master the monthly training’s finer points. When you do your daily Insta scrolling, you’ll get short tidbits to remind, refresh, and add new insights to what you’ve learned already. This will keep your training top of mind and help it sink in unlike anything you’ve ever done, without you having to remember to pay attention.

'What Everyone Else is Doing’ Individual Hot Seats

You’ll be able to watch three members execute the month’s training with me, so you can get a variety of specific examples of how to do it. This will help open your mind to more creative ways to sell art that feel like you. You may even get the opportunity to be the one in the hot seat! ;)

‘What Came up for You’ Movement-spurring Group Call

 This two hour monthly group call is available to make sure there’s nothing holding you back from fully executing on the training. I’ll help you work though anything (mental or strategic) that is keeping you from taking action! 

Found her Ideal Art Buyers in "Curated Tastes," formed a great relationship with the curator, and got her pieces in the online art collection in one month.

  -- Emiko Venlet


The Nitty Gritty Details (aka FAQ's)


Will I definitely get a hot seat?

Not necessarily. Hot seat slots are awarded based on your join date. As long as you are a member, you reserve your spot in line.

However, I believe with all my heart you will get just as much (or more!) value from watching what others are doing. This shines a light on your blind spots and keeps your inspiration super fresh. 

Since the trainings are focused on one monthly topic, you don’t have to worry about whether or not others’ hot seat calls are relevant to you - they will be 100% of the time.


What is an Instagram training account?

You will be given access to an Instagram account (set to private, for members only) where I’ll explore each training in more depth, based on your feedback, so it can really sync with you over the course of the month. It’s a really cool new way to experience learning. Just wait - you’re probably gonna love this piece the most.


What if I can't attend the group call?

No problem! Submit what you need help with in advance and I’ll cover it on the call. While attendance is always recommended, for those that can’t be there live, you’ll be able to rewatch the  training that will be broken into sections. Watch what feels most relevant to you or catch up on everything!


Why now?


You might feel like you need to be cautious. Even though things are going ok right now, what if something happens? You better do with what you've got, right?

Nu uh! Wrong! "Something" is definitely going to happen. That is the only thing I can guarantee you.

SUPPORT is how you get through it with your head above water. It's what we all need, especially right now. Support gives you focus. It helps you...

    Get things done (in the right order!)
    Move through disappointments more quickly so you can get to the successes
    Find new paths forward you wouldn't have come up with on your own.

Normals are changing. For some life is harder, for some it's easier, but either way... it's different... and that's getting you even further behind. Those that lean in to change get miles ahead while everyone else is shaking their head -- dazed -- trying to decide what to do next. 

My clients tell me they never would been able to make the big shifts on their own. They needed that loving support and (gentle) pushes to grow -- and while it's scary at first -- they get more comfortable, more confident, they tell the universe they're ready and they show up to do their part. 

Most importantly, they start believing in what they can do.


It's go time.

Telling your soul to be quiet is not going to bring about contentment. If you need someone to show you what to do, help you implement, and create the business that brings fun and joy back into your life, then this is the program for you.

Get ready to learn how you can build your audience, grow your network of superfans, and make sales while reducing the number of things you need to get done every week.

  • 1
    Make your payment choice below. 
  • 2
    You'll receive a confirmation email with instructions.
  • 3
    ON OCTOBER FIRST, you will become an official member of the group (!!) and I'll send details about everything to expect for your first month. 

What past clients have to say


I was inconsistent and it didn't feel good. I didn't paint regularly because I didn't know how to sell it.

I've become more confident by working through misplaced beliefs I had about myself, started painting an hour a day, and connecting with people better.  

I have three commissions in the works right now for around $500 each, on top of the $2700 I made in the last few months. You're like a sneaky therapist!

Niha Nathersa 

 / Electric Mountainscapes


What surprised me is how thorough you are -- focusing not just on the strategy but all the invisible and mindset stuff. I really felt you were there for me and on my side.

I’ve made a really solid start on the process that’s gonna run for years and get more streamlined and effective.

I have 90 new email subscribers, 611 new Instagram followers, and more ideal potential collectors are finding me. My business is shifting!

Tara Leaver

/ Artist & Aquaphile


I was either running on a really fast treadmill trying to keep up, or doing nothing. I wanted to grow... but I didn’t know how. I knew it could take me years to figure it out on my own, making lots of mistakes, or I could go to somebody who “got it”.

Jessica helped me move though a TON of mindset blocks and gave me stepping stones that helped me figure out how to get my art into business mode. I launched my first collection, grew my email list, and even got comfortable with video!

Tricia Caracappa

/ Dreamy landscapes


Still not sure?

Watch this to see if you think we'd jive together!

Free training: "Don't tell me it's beautiful, buy it!"

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