A membership for artists who are confident in their art, but don't understand why it isn't selling and wish they had more time to figure it out.

This membership will take you from having so many options — it’s overwhelming! — to knowing what to work on next so you can have your stuff together, and look like it.

I’ve talked to tons of artists, like you, who know their art is good, but they're lost when it comes to the best way to promote it. Most of them are busy raising kids or working another job, and the time constraints feel incredibly disheartening — like there’s no way this will ever work. I knew I needed to create a program that catered to where these beautiful people are at right NOW, instead of in fifteen years when life will supposedly slow down.

I’m a momma of two and I know having a full life doesn’t mean your big dreams quit coming. You don’t have to do one or the other... I know you can have both. You just need some solid skills that make the most of your time, as well as marketing plans that fill up your energy instead of draining it.

By the end of each month, you’ll learn a core skill to focus on what works to promote yourself. You'll learn to sell from the heart and have an audience that eats it up.

    You’re tired of wasting precious hours trying to learn it all yourself. It’s frustrating and it seems like you’re never getting anywhere, no matter how much time you spend. 
    You know there’s a better way, but what is it?? Pinterest? Instagram? Facebook? Etsy? Keywords? Lives? You don’t have time to do it all, and you don’t want to do it wrong. 
    You want someone to gently guide you through crafting your marketing around who you really are.
  • You feel pushy and self centered when you try to sell your art. Instead, you want to be able to talk from the heart and show people your fireworks so they can’t resist owning your work.
    You want to get your art out in the world bringing joy to someone instead of collecting dust in piles around you. 

Each month will focus around one topic so you can make big progress without overwhelm. We don’t go all over the place in this membership because we’re all short on time, and skimming the surface isn’t what will get you results.

We’ll make your marketing feel easy by simplifying, chopping down that to-do list, and aligning it with who you are as a person so you can learn how to market to paying customers.

Monthly 'Core Art-Selling Skill’ Training

A recorded training to go deep on our monthly topic so you can learn a skill that will show you what to work on right now. These skills will show you how to know the right ways to promote yourself using less time and effort so you can do what works AND free up some "me time".

'I’m Scrolling Anyway’ Continued Learning

You’ll receive access to an “exclusive to members" Instagram account that will help you master the monthly training’s finer points. When you do your daily Insta scrolling, you’ll get short tidbits to remind, refresh, and add new insights to what you’ve learned already. This will keep your training top of mind and help it sink in unlike anything you’ve ever done, without you having to remember to pay attention.

'What Everyone Else is Doing’ Individual Hot Seats

You’ll be able to watch three members execute the month’s training with me, so you can get a variety of specific examples of how to do it. This will help open your mind to more creative ways to sell art that feel like you. You may even get the opportunity to be the one in the hot seat! 😉

‘What Came up for You’ Movement-spurring Group Call

 This two hour monthly group call is available to make sure there’s nothing holding you back from fully executing on the training. I’ll help you work though anything (mental or strategic) that is keeping you from taking action! 

What kinds of trainings can I expect?

The content in this group will focus on the five themes you need to achieve your big dreams:

  • 1
    Your Ideal Art Buyer
  • 2
    Content that Connects
  • 3
    Simplify your Marketing
  • 4
    Build Relationships & Get Seen
  • 5
    Shift your Mindset

If this month’s theme is Content that Connects, your training might be on ‘How to write a newsletter your buyers want to read’ or ‘Your new timeless social content strategy’.

Will I definitely get a hot seat?

Not necessarily. Hot seat slots are awarded based on your join date. As long as you are a member, you reserve your spot in line.

However, I believe with all my heart you will get just as much (or more!) value from watching what others are doing. This shines a light on your blind spots and keeps your inspiration super fresh. 

Since the trainings are focused on one monthly topic, you don’t have to worry about whether or not others’ hot seat calls are relevant to you - they will be 100% of the time.

How many people will be in the group?

I can’t answer that yet, but I am expecting an intimate group setting as we get started. I plan to expand the group in the fall, so this first round will give you the most access to me! 

If more than 15 artists join us, I will add a second group call to the roster to make sure you have a chance to get what you need.

What is an Instagram training account?

You will be given access to an Instagram account (set to private, for members only) where I’ll explore each training in more depth, based on your feedback, so it can really sync with you over the course of the month. It’s a really cool new way to experience learning. Just wait - you’re probably gonna love this piece the most.

What if I can’t attend the group call?

No problem! Submit what you need help with in advance and I’ll cover it on the call. While attendance is always recommended, for those that can’t be there live, you’ll be able to rewatch the  training that will be broken into sections. Watch what feels most relevant to you or catch up on everything!

Telling your soul to be quiet is not going to bring about contentment. If you feel a commitment to wanting to start, but you need to do it gently because of everything else in your life, this is the program for you.

Time to stop shoving the inspiration and joy and hope of what you want to do down. It's messing with you. Let's find the space for it now, together.

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    Make your payment choice below.
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    You'll receive a confirmation email with instructions to join the Anchored Artist Instagram training account.
    On the first day of the next month, your request to join will be approved and you'll get an email detailing everything you can expect that month.
    Depending on the payment option you've chosen, you'll receive between three and six months of training to learn core art-selling skills!
    Making twice as much money on a collection
    Two sales from one email
    Three new clients in a week
  • Became a better thinker and storyteller
  • From "I don't know what to say" to six weeks of posts pre-scheduled
    Know who to market to and how to connect with them
    Sold a dozen pieces and got two commissions
    Forty new followers on Insta in a month when previously stalled
    Learned how to talk in my posts as if I'm conversing with a person
    Found a way to market that felt good for me
  • Unblocked myself
    From $0 sold in four years to $2700+ in three months
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