Pocket Mentor for Artists 

This program will show you how to bring in art sales ASAP, guiding you through highly personalized, clear action steps – even if you have a lot on your plate and selling art isn't your zone of genius.

You've never seen anything like this.

The fastest way to start selling your art to rely on it for regular income.

You'd like to be a full time working artist whose art brings in enough income to live on comfortably. It feels quite unrealistic and outrageous to say that 'out loud', while at the same time you don't see why it shouldn't be possible or you wouldn't be working so hard for it. 

But underneath there's a fear of failure. A fear of not being able to come through in a professional way.

"Maybe I'm not marketing correctly?" you think. You get a lot of positive response that everyone loves your work, but you're not converting them to buyers.

So you start reasoning with yourself, trying to figure out the problem:
    Its hard to sell art if I don't have an audience to see it in order to buy it. It's also hard to get an audience without consistency.
    Handling all the aspects of the business makes me feel like I can't focus. I don't even know to write effective copy yet.
  • I'm just a jumbled mess. I'm constantly shooting stunning art into the dark but only a few people are watching and even fewer may buy something. Is this worth it?

Deep down you're worried you're not on the right track. Maybe everything’s just going to go stagnant.

You know you could do better if you just understood what you were doing wrong.

Deep down you're worried you're not on the right track. Maybe everything’s just going to go stagnant.

Let me give you a mirror for your blind spots.

You should be out there in the world, not living in courses and file folders.

Right now it feels like too much to do by yourself. Not only is it not feasible, it's overwhelming. You have a lot of caps that you wear and other non-negotiable things that exist in your life, like kids or a part-time job, so you keep plugging away, doing the best you can in the time you have available.

But it's possible to cut out 90% of the crap you think you have to do and still sell art. So let's get started, shall we?

In Money Now, I'll teach you to start selling your art regularly and feel you can rely on it for income.

In your first month, you'll be able to:
    Built a small-but-mighty audience full of real, true connections.
    Created an identity for your art, even if there is a lot of competition in your sphere.
  • Started treating the work you're already doing like a business, so it'll pay you like a business.

Hi, I'm Jessica Craddock and my clients regularly make 3x more in art sales within a year.

Five years ago, The Artist Market Co. had only made me $134 after two years of working my butt off.

I was a hard worker. I learned from experts left and right. I had a decent sized audience.

I didn’t know the problem then, but hindsight is 20/20.

Luckily, I didn't give up and eventually figured out what I was doing wrong.

Now, I see artists doing the same thing I was, and I need to break that cycle of feeling like crap and using pure willpower to hang on to hope.

Until you get to the point where you can bring in the money you need on the regular, your actions should be based on making sales today.

If you want to bring in a regular income as an artist so you can focus on creating rather than stressing about making sales, Money Now is the solution for you.

Overwhelmed at building your art business? Nah.

Let's take clarity and simplicity back. In three steps, you'll be ready to sell.

Step one: Know Your Numbers and Evaluate Your Money Health

Making the work you love and the work you think people will buy shouldn't be two separate things. You'll learn how to merge the two sides into something you're excited to make with what people want from you.

Step two: Decide what you're selling

Making the work you love and the work you think people will buy shouldn't be two separate things. You'll learn how to merge the two sides into something you're excited to make with what people want from you.

You'll also learn to price it appropriately and tie in the almost-there-but-still-elusive "why" behind your art so everything can fall together.

Step three: Start selling!

PEOPLE are at the core of growing your business. I'll teach you who your audience is, where to find them, and how to connect with them authentically so they trust you and believe in your art. Best of all, you'll have a set of instructions that to follow that feels manageable, rather than having to think it up all the time.

You'll learn to create compelling content that helps you create sell through informing, connecting and helping - rather than feeling "salesy". We'll tackle social media posts and stories, writing newsletters, and repurposing your content in fresh ways so you can make less of it.

Feel the haze clearing.

You'll get a sustainable road map with instructions custom to you, hashed out by priority, so you know you're spending your time and energy wisely (from someone whose knowledge you trust). 

All you have to do is follow the steps, one at a time.

Grow a following of dedicated fans and buyers (step-by-step)

You'll have "what to do next" and specific examples for how to engage each potential buyer to create strong connections at your fingertips. You don't need thousands of followers to make a monthly income, just the right ones. And I'll teach you how to find them, too.

Build confidence in your ability to create sales

Recording your art sales isn't just about keeping tabs on your income; it's a powerful tool for building confidence in your art business. Each sale recorded serves as tangible proof of your art's value and your capability as an artist to attract buyers. Over time, this habit transforms your perspective, turning the daunting task of selling art into a manageable and rewarding part of your creative journey.

Clear cut ideas for effective sales copy (that you'll recycle!)

Feel like it's so hard to come up with content? *I've got you!* You'll get compelling, clear cut ideas for social media posts, social stories and emails focused on selling AND know exactly how to reuse it in a fresh way. Templates, caption starters, and CTA's to take the guess work out included!

If being organized and productive in all the right ways isn't enough...

Want to be able to ask questions, no matter how basic they may be?

There's a lot of fear of not knowing what you're doing or if you're doing it right.

And while you'll have all the step-by-step strategy at your fingertips, you may lack confidence in yourself that you can make money. Or you worry what people will think. Or you may talk yourself out of things by dwelling on all the reasons NOT to do them.

That's why I'm including access to a community of artists to build relationships with, compare notes, and ask your questions. Score.

Priced to cost you way less than you'll make



/ month

  • Learn the fastest route to get you selling, ASAP.
  • Guidance through action steps to turn your fans into buyers faster than ever before
  • Access to the community of artists on the same path to build relationships with, compare notes, and ask your questions
  • Cancel anytime.