to find the right people for YOUR art!

Please follow the steps below to complete the process:

Step 1

check your email inbox

If you signed up through the website, you'll need to confirm your email address, then you'll receive all the details!

If you clicked a link in your email to register, you should have an email with all the details in your inbox shortly!

Step 2

add the details to your calendar

The class is happening Thursday, October 22, 2020 at 12:00 pm EST/9 am PST on Zoom at https://theartistmarket.co/zoom 

Add this to your calendar with the link to join so everything is nice and tidy and you’re ready to go! We’ll go between 60-90 minutes depending on questions.

Step 3

tell a friend!

Tell three friends (or more) about this class and encourage them to come with you! 

Text, email, or share an invite with them on social media. You could say something like, 

“Hey, this chick named Jessica (who teaches marketing plans to artists) is doing a free class on figuring out who would buy your art. Looks like it will be really useful. Do you want to come with me? Here’s the link to sign up.”

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