Word of the Year

By Jessica Craddock

Feb 05

My daughter asked me, as I lay in the tub and she had a snack so she could go back to sleep, "Mommy, what did you do when you were kid?"

"Oh, " I replied, "I mostly explored, and dug up tulip bulbs to replant, and climbed trees, and played Boxcar children in the creek by our house."

"Do you still like to explore?" she asked.

"I think I would if I remembered how" I said.

Fast forward...

I had a walk, alone, for the first time in ages. Instead of spending my childless hour on work, I spent it on me.

It was cold, but there was no wind.

I bundled up in all the wool I could find, took my earbuds, and listened to The Big Leap while I re-explored exploring.

A perfect way to spend the day.

Of course now, as an adult, I couldn't help but want to stop and capture it all.

Maybe next time I’ll leave the phone at home.

But this time, the footage gives me an excuse to take you along with me while I share:

    The phrase that made 2020 a good year
  • An easy practice that made sure I stayed focused on what I wanted
    How you can make 2021 your best year yet
Welcome to my first (and only? one of many?) vlog!

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