Thought of the day

By Jessica Craddock

Dec 04


@helencreatesbeauty asked earlier this week what the purpose behind building relationships is.⁣

And dang it… I realized I hadn’t really brought it up yet!⁣

I did that thing where I assume people already know the answer. Please call me out whenever I do this!⁣

My two favorite purposes behind relationship-building are:⁣
1. It makes the process of building your business much more enjoyable (even if you are an introvert – which I’ll go over more in the training video)⁣

2. People buy from you when they know/like/trust you.⁣
Said another way… “Friends buy from friends.” A wise sales teacher @christikraft and I share put it to me this way years ago.⁣

It took me much too long to truly understand what she meant, but when I did, my business went from EH to SALES. Plus, I started enjoying marketing way more – because it started being less about trying to sell things, and more about making friends. <– I want this for you too!⁣

But don’t take my word for it. Go back to your workbook from last month, look at the sheet, “My Path to Sales,” and see for yourself.⁣

That evidence should be all the motivation you need to be a full-blown YES on this building relationships path!

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