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I help multi-passionate artist entrepreneurs sell at a level that feels light years away

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By the end of this 20m recorded training

you will be able to:


    Decide where you should be spending your time so that you can create more art sales, reduce overwhelm, and live your mood-board lifestyle.

  • Map out where you should be spending your time, no matter how little or much you have

    Make sure you have time set aside for the other most important things in your life.

Helen Phlen

Five times faster

Just wanted to let you know that I am full of gratitude for you all day! You made my business grow financially five times faster than that I did on my own. love you!

Emiko Venlet

I think I have to brag now

Sigh, I think I have to brag now :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing::rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:

One of my collectors keeps buying my art!! Every new paintings I show her privately (and sneak peak on IG and she checks them and ask me if I'm selling them in DM). Now she's a proud owner of 7 paintings of mine. But the best thing is really how we connect so well and live in the same town lol. Wine and art talk is going to happen soon. Art connects. That's the best! (And I get paid for doing that)


Still paying dividends

Hi Jessica, we've never met, but my partner used to work with you, and your coaching with her is still paying out dividends!

Jessica Craddock

the artist market co, CEO+mentor

I teach intuitive artist entrepreneurs practical and energetic strategies to create consistent income and life balance.

My clients regularly sell 3x more within a matter of months.