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Never have enough time in the day? Try these...

No one ever told you that running an art business would be hard, right? Ok, maybe they did, but you chose to ignore them. Good for you. We all have the responsibility to follow our dreams. Now you just need a little help learning the things your art professors never taught you like business plans, accounting & website hosting.

Every one of these recommendations have been tested and given the approval stamp. They are guaranteed to make your life easier. Every day.

*A handful of these links will give me a bonus if you sign up through the button below, usually a discount or free month of service. However, I only recommend them because I use and ♥ them. 


Hosting is an essential part of having a website. Without hosting, your beautifully designed site won't see the light of day. It is the foundation of your website where all the elves work behind the scenes. 


The easiest platform I've come across for hosting. You pay a monthly fee (varies based on the type of site you want) and you'll never even have to look up "hosting" in the dictionary.

Use code Gimme10 for 10% your first annual plan.​

WPX Hosting

Host up to 5 WordPress websites for only $24.99/mo. For more advanced users. Great price, great customer service.

Thrive Architect & Landing Pages

If you are a WordPress user, consider this option to make customizing the look of your site, posts and landing pages so much simpler with drag and drop functionality!

google analytics logo

Google Analytics

Get advanced statistics on your website including the path visitors take through your site. Set goals (like email list subscribers based on number of visitors) and let GA show you what is working and what isn't.

Social Media

Love it or hate it... it is part of life as we know it. Make it easier on yourself any way possible so you can focus on what you do best.


Create a plan so you know what blog posts, email newsletters, photos, videos, and social campaigns to work on next. Then schedule them to be published right from CoSchedule. Go from sporadic to pro.


Connects the apps you already use. Want tweets to go into Evernote? New emails to go into your todo list? Create an automatic workflow to make your life easier.


My alternative when I don't have time to spend hours posting on social media. A few hours a month on Tailwind brings in enough visitors to slack on the rest.


Money may be the hardest, and most important thing to keep track of. If you aren't making money, why are you in business?? Lets remedy any problems - stat.

You Need a Budget

I can't live without this budgeting software. Four rules help you gain complete control. One price pays for unlimited budgets. 


Take payments directly from your phone, iPad or computer. Free card reader with service. Small processing fee.

Mile IQ

Automatically captures all of your drives, then you swipe to classify as business or personal. Have that mileage ready at tax time this year!

Hours Tracker

Track your time and earnings by job using iOS or Android. $10 for unlimited clients.

Profit First

Want to start making money from your very first art sale? Stop throwing all your profits back into your business and read this book.


You can't grow if you don't learn. Never stop.

Braid Creative

Personal branding at its best. These girls really know their stuff and love to share. 


Learn anything you want - logo design, manual photography, Adobe Illustrator... always updated and fresh for only $10/mo.

Melyssa Griffin

I've taken so many courses by this girl on topics like Pinterest, email list building, and ecourse creation. I own 10 of them. She's awesome and highly recommended.


Asana is meant to be used for productivity, but I use it to keep track of what I learn. I take notes on very ecourse, webinar, book and free download I devour so it is easy to find what I learned 6 months ago when I need it.

Marie Forleo

Sign up for B-School, THE course to create a business and a life you love, or just watch extremely insightful and hilarious episodes of Marie TV. 

kendrick hope

Kendrick Shope

Hate selling yourself? Kendrick teaches how to convert leads into sales with confidence.


I don't know about you, but without my productivity apps I am lost. There is too much to do in the day and I need all the help I can get to keep my life organized.


Unless you have a photographic memory, you need this app. Remember everything! Clip websites, write notes, save files... the list is endless. Free. Upgrades available. 


Get your to do list in line like a champ. File tasks by projects, due dates and urgency. Integrates with dozens of apps to make your lists super simple. Free. Upgrades available.


Create beautiful forms, surveys, quizzes and order forms. Give a link or embed the form on your website. Free. Upgrades available. 

unroll.me logo


Do you get dozens of emails every day? Unsubscribe, keep in inbox, or roll into a daily newsletter with a single click. This save me HOURS when all I want is zero unread emails in my inbox. Free.


A minimalist iTunes app that help you get more done. Press a button to start a timer that plays nature sounds for 25 minutes while you work. When the timer goes off, take a 5 minute break. Simple and effective. Free.

convertkit logo


The email provider that works best for me and my needs. For a reasonable price I can create automated sequences of emails that trickle out at a pace that I set. ConvertKit is really at the heart of my business.


You can't work if you don't eat. Food is fuel, man! Make sure to carve out those mealtimes. Relax. Spend some down time keeping your body working right. These apps will make that task all the easier.


Don't have time to plan meals? Choose the way you eat and they will send you seven meals and a grocery list every week. 


Collect, classify, edit and share recipes from the web into a personal recipe app. Make grocery lists and meal plans with ease.

Grocery IQ

Never forget an item at the grocery store again. When you run out, add the item to your list. The grocery list can be shared with others so they know what to grab.

Personal Care

YOU are your most valuable resource. Only idiots don't take care of the most valuable resource.


A gym membership for the mind. Guided meditation to reach your mood and lifestyle goals. Free. Upgrades available.


My new fav place to shop for clothing - a highly edited place to buy secondhand name brand clothing. Save $, live consciously, look good.

cladwell logo


Remember the computer software in the movie Clueless that picked out Alicia's outfits? Well, this is that... for your phone. Makes your old clothes feel new with tons of combos - great for sustainable closets.

Just Dance

Ok, so it might be corny, but I love to get my creative juices flowing in the morning with a little dancy, dancy. About the price of a month at a gym.

Photo Editing Apps

Artists MUST use high quality images to display their work. These tools make it easy to look like a professional every time.


This is by far my favorite photo editing app, and I've tried them all. Simple, intuitive and elegant. Free for iOS and Android. Add-on photo filters available on the cheap.


Bazillions of editable designs for instagram, Facebook banners, book covers, etc. Amazingly simple. Free. $1-2 upgrades available per design.