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  • “What marketing strategy should I use to sell my limited edition prints?” – Camilla Howalt E54
Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
"What marketing strategy should I use to sell my limited edition prints?" - Camilla Howalt E54


Camilla Howalt is a fine artist living in Malmö, Sweden. She describes her work as a construction of elements based on specific art periods with tools and subjects that she has had interest in throughout her life. Most of these works tend to appear more abstract, but they cannot be read linearly.  

Having moved countries a few years ago, Camilla is currently reintegrating her new studio space and routines and getting set up to restart her art practice as a financially viable business from a creative point of view. Amid all the changes she is experiencing, Camilla continues to work toward long-term goals. Camilla is creating a more manageable version of the higher vision she has in mind, but she also sees many of her projects happening concurrently. As a starting point in her new community, she is most interested in ways to market her limited-edition prints. 

Listen in as we develop a strategy that she is comfortable with and can build on in the future. 


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