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  • “How can I connect to the right audience that my art will inspire?” – Jedidah Chick EP50
Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
"How can I connect to the right audience that my art will inspire?" - Jedidah Chick EP50

EP50: Jedidah Chick is a painter living in the UK. She grew up in post-colonial Zimbabwe at a time when the history of the African culture was not celebrated or accurately taught in schools. Jedidah’s knowledge of her African heritage, especially the untold stories of her female ancestors, has become the driving force behind her art. Through her paintings she celebrates the African female figure, her struggle, and her history, often focusing on Afro hair and the message of female empowerment.

Jedidah’s vision is to create art that resonates deeply with African women like herself, sharing the rich beauty and history of the African woman. Her passion is to inspire a positive self-image that will empower African women to achieve their goals and dreams and help them realize their full potential. After painting full time for a couple of years, Jedidah has had some success selling her work, but she needs to find more buyers. To do so, she needs help connecting with an audience that will resonate with her art.

Listen in as I teach Jedidah how to build a foundation of people who resonate with her work.


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