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EP46: I just finished hosting a series of classes called Beyond Cookie Cutter: How to Sell Your Art with More Authenticity, where I explained why you feel like you’ve hit a plateau with your art sales, and why you’re probably only making about a third of what you could right now.

In these classes I introduced the Consistent Income system to help you identify the holes in your marketing and show you how to create a new plan or edit yours to work better. I highlighted some steps to get started. I also showed how the Consistent Income system works within my coaching container so that you can decide if it’s right for you.

Now, if you did not sign up for that class and you’re regretting that now, the link to the replay is in the show notes. You can sign up and get instant access. I hope to see you in the program!

>> For questions about Consistent Income connect with Jessica on Instagram @‌artistmarketco.


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