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  • “I want to have the confidence to show who I really am through my art.”- Casey Wait S2, E8
Intuitive Art Sales episode art
Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
"I want to have the confidence to show who I really am through my art."- Casey Wait S2, E8

EP34: Casey Wait is a pastor and storyteller. Her art is mostly a mixed media, celebrating humanity, the call to create and the freedom to be ourselves.

She’s been selling for about three years, but seriously for two. Selling art is still her side income, but she’s growing in both her practice and her business. Casey is one of my coaching clients, and she is currently working hard to be more focused in her business by deepening her marketing and developing a strategy.

Painting is a spiritual practice for Casey, and her connection between being a pastor and being an artist is evident in her work. However, she struggles with being true to herself because she tries to be the person she thinks other people want her to be.

As a result of taking my coaching program, Casey has realized that people connect to authenticity and has decided to lean into who she is.

Listen in as I talk with Casey about her next steps and help her continue to overcome what holds her back.

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