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  • “I want to find more art collectors by me.” – Susanne Hohne EP10
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Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
"I want to find more art collectors by me." - Susanne Hohne EP10

EP10: In this episode I welcome Susanne Hohne, a self-made gallery owner from Leipzig, Germany. Susanne was trained as an engineer in economics, but chose to leave the corporate world in 2016 to open her own art gallery. There she helps artists who have not had a formal art education learn to sell their art. 

Susanne also works to educate the public about the deeper meaning of art. She is passionate about facilitating more opportunities for artists to connect with art buyers. 

Susanne believes strongly that art and creativity are the key to solving many of the issues in today’s world and dreams for every home to have at least one original piece of artwork.

Listen in as I teach Susanne ways to bring more ideal buyers in and expose them to the amazing talent she showcases in her gallery.


✨ Connect with Susanne on Instagram @beuteltier_art_galery and shop her beautiful selection of artwork on her website, www.beuteltier-art.de

✨ Would you like to know where to spend your time in order to create consistent sales, without letting it take over your life? Awesome! Grab your free training, “The Artist’s Day” here: https://theartistmarket.co/ 

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