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  • “I want to create large scale artwork for hospitals – how do I get in?” – Daisy-Anne Dickson EP04
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Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
"I want to create large scale artwork for hospitals - how do I get in?" - Daisy-Anne Dickson EP04

EP04: Daisy-Anne Dickson is a nurse and abstract artist whose work focuses on healing and the use of salvages materials.

Daisy-Anne’s passion for healing, renewal and restoration has led to her current vision of making connections in healthcare to create large-scale artwork. She also hopes to expand into the international art market.

Like many other artists, Daisy admits that she experiences imposter syndrome, but she is committed to moving forward and making her dream come true. 

In this video, I recommend ways that Daisy can be proactive in her networking by giving her three action steps to get there. 

You’ll want to watch to find out how you can do the same.


✨ Connect with Daisy on Instagram @daisyanne.art and shop the beautiful selection of artwork on her website, www.daisyanne.art

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