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  • “I don’t know how to create leads and referrals, but I’m confident in my vision.” – Jeska Losonsky S2, E9
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Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
"I don’t know how to create leads and referrals, but I’m confident in my vision." - Jeska Losonsky S2, E9

EP35: Jeska Losonsky is an oil painter living in Washington DC. She is inspired by nature and works to capture the nostalgia and stillness of being immersed in nature through her landscape paintings.

Jeska is confident in her skills and vision as an artist. She would love to have a multifaceted art business, where she gets to inspire people to appreciate and collect artwork that’s meaningful to them. She would also like to encourage people to explore their own creativity and live more fully immersed in nature and the real world as opposed to virtually and on social media.

Marketing is a struggle for Jeska, so her biggest challenge is knowing how to make connections that will create leads and referrals. She would love to do live paintings of wedding bouquets at the actual event and hopes to team up with wedding planners to help her find clients. Her goal is to turn her vision into a sustainable and profitable income.

Listen in as I teach Jeska to make the connections and collaborations she’s looking for and guide her through the steps to making this vision a reality!

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