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  • “How will I know when to take my ideas from exploration to the execution phase?” – Nikkita Cohoon E72
Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
"How will I know when to take my ideas from exploration to the execution phase?" - Nikkita Cohoon E72

Ep72 – Nikkita Cohoon is a designer and multimedia artist who makes vibrant artwork with lots of mark making that feels like a chatty conversation. She started her own brand design business in 2013, which she has loved doing, but is now working full-time in a position that allows her to use more of her creative inspiration for her own work. Nikkita is passionate about creating rituals in life, not just following a routine, and through her classes and workshops she focuses on helping other artists do the same.

Nikkita believes in being in tune with the seasons of your body and mind and not pushing yourself to stay busy when you need to rest and settle. Being a firm believer in staying grounded through rituals, Nikkita focuses on actions that are aligned with her current state and feel good for her. Lately, she has been in a resting or “wintering” phase, exploring the inspired ideas she has collected for several months, looking for little nudges that will help her decide when to take action on her evolving ideas.

Listen in as Nikkita and I talk through what she’s exploring and how to recognize when to execute her ideas.

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