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Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
“How do I share the story of my art on social media?”- Nathalie Duflos E62

Ep62 – Natalie Duflos is a painter from Belgium. Nathalie worked in a corporate job for 17 years and because she was unhappy, she decided to become a painter. She has been a full-time painter for the past two years, creating figurative works based on photographs that she connects to. Her paintings tell her story of being in a life she thought others wanted her to live, not being happy, but being a people-pleaser. No longer trapped by that mindset, Nathalie is working toward a life that she can feel and was meant to live.  

Nathalie’s business has really grown in the past year. She is doing a lot of commissions, which she loves, but would like to sell more of her originals. She wants to be more thorough and consistent on social media, sharing both her story and her art as a visual representation of it. The challenge for Nathalie is that she finds it difficult to share the story behind her original paintings on social media because it is very personal and vulnerable.  

Listen in as I lay out an Instagram strategy for Nathalie that will help her more comfortably share her story and connect with her audience.


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