“How do I open doors for brand collaborations with my art?” Ia Llamozas

By Jessica Craddock

Jul 28
Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
Intuitive Art Sales with Jessica Craddock
“How do I open doors for brand collaborations with my art?” Ia Llamozas

Ia Llamozas is a collage artist who lives in the Canary Islands and is originally from Venezuela. 

Ia is committed to her vision of creating art collaborations with big brands as her main source of income. She has spent a lot of time taking the steps to move her business forward and knows that putting yourself out there can yield positive results.

However, Ia recognizes that failure to take consistent action is keeping her from her goal. Challenges, such as knowing how to reach out to companies she wants to work with, continue to hold her back. 

Listen in as I recommend repeated action steps for showing up consistently for art brand collaboration opportunities that you can use to move your business forward.



✨ The three things concept originated from my coach, Laura Wright, but has been slightly modified to fit my clients’ needs.

✨ Connect with Ia on Instagram @iallamozas and shop the beautiful selection of artwork on her website, www.iallamozas.com 

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