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EP05: Helen Phlen is an artist, healer, teacher, and author from Huntington Beach, California.

Helen is very passionate about sharing her gifts of creating art and bringing light into the world by being a spiritual worker.

For a decade now, Helen has been on a spiritual journey, and her current focus is on laying the foundation for her next 10 years and moving towards getting more eyes on her work.

Listen in so that you too can implement the action steps I recommend to Helen for increasing her visibility.

Key Takeaways to Grow Your Audience as an Artist

  • [03:06] - Identify what it is that you want to give to others.
  • [08:28] - Be brutally honest with yourself and trust that tiny steps will bring the success you want. 
  • [11:08] - Learn how to get more eyeballs on your business.
  • [17:33] - Practice new visibility activities and rotate them with the ones you are already using.
  • [22:02] - Start tracking your numbers if you’re not already doing so
  • [25:18] - Don’t forget to be specific in your calls to action.

Jessica Craddock: I am here with my good friend, Helen Phlen. Helen is an artist, healer, teacher, and author. She is one of my multi-passionates,

and now she knows what to offer and who her audience is. Now she's focusing on laying the foundation for her next 10 years and working on getting more eyes on her work.

So, Helen, how are you?

Helen Phlen: Fantastic.

Jessica Craddock: So happy you're here, so happy. Um, Helen and I have worked together for a year, correct?

Helen Phlen: Yeah, about a year.

Jessica Craddock: And it's been, I don't know, maybe six months since we've worked together, but I always love staying in touch. Because she is such an interesting person. I'm actually in one of her classes now, I guess we call it a group membership, but anyway, um, so let's get to

helping you outline your next six to 12 months or figuring out what your next steps are. And in order to do so, I have to figure out where you want to go, and some of the, some of the pieces that are holding you back. So, um, imagine that we are celebrating a year from now and you have accomplished so, so much.

I'm going to look at what you gave me earlier and say you are an and art and spiritual business offering joy, beauty, and wisdom. Your artwork is making consistent sales, and it's valued by collectors. You've got a solo gallery show going with your father's work. You've got your book published. You've got your membership going.

Wow. Tell me about that. Tell me a little, tell me a little bit more about it. What does that look like to you? Why do you want it? What's important to you there?

Helen Phlen: Yeah. Um, I guess it's joy and fulfillment that I'm looking at that point, and that's the reason I started the beginning, you know, to begin my business.

And, um, definitely I want these to be, having consistent income, but by sharing my gifts. So, um, you know, creating art and checking light to the world, working as a lightworker, a spiritual worker. I feel like it's my life purpose. It's my calling. So, um, yeah, one year from now, I think, uh, yeah, I want all of that, and I'm the type of, uh, girl that wants it all.

Jessica Craddock: I think what I, what I really love about what you just said is it's not just, I want to sell my art, but I want to be a Lightworker. Like you've figured out, not just that top level desire, but what is three or four or five underneath that. And I know that all of the things that you offer all pull into that core mission of yours.

Identify what it is that you want to give to others.

Jessica Craddock: So it's not just about the art, it's not just about your book. It's not just about your membership. It's how they all work together and how you can impact the world. So what is it that you want to give to others?

Helen Phlen: Yeah, I, I really hold this, uh, strong calling that, um, I've been on a spiritual journey for more than a decade.

And it really takes me a lot of healing and finding out who I am to get to where I am today. And I really want to help others to do the same, you know, basically leaving that passion, offering their skill in exchange to financial abundance, and not are afraid of that. You know, I know a lot of women business owners that I talk to, they tend to think small or like that fear, fear gets in the way.

So basically I want all of them to shine their light. You know, if every one of us is doing what we are supposed to do, like what we're good at and having financial abundance. There was no more fear anymore. So that's what I want to see really like how, how the world is, can be changed by, um, all this knowledge that I've learned, not only these last lifetime, but also from all my past, you know, ancestor lifetimes.

I want to spew them out and help the world.

Jessica Craddock: I feel like your mission and my mission are almost exactly the same. And we're just bringing it into the world through different ways, through our different skill sets.

Helen Phlen: Totally, totally agree. Yeah. Yeah. That's why I want to do it too. You helped me to actually set off my business.

Seriously. I am so grateful for that, and you will always see my heart.

Jessica Craddock: Oh, thank you. And you too. And you said that you wanted to create consistent income. And I know that you have come a long way from a year or two years ago. What's the difference between now and then? What have you done differently?

I know we actually got into this pretty deeply in another interview that we did together, but like, if you could just give me one or two key components, what would you say that is?

Helen Phlen: Yeah, I will say, um, first offer is clarity. You really need to know what the heck you really want. So we're very clear. Um, first a vision, that piece of what, how it looks like, the lifestyle,

and second is the number. And you, you taught us, uh, in your membership, you know, both of them. You know, the first one is like a meditation you asked us to do and then kind of like a future vision you have. And then the second thing you asked us to put a number on it. I still distinctly remember the first time I put it was $1,250 per month.

Um, so you would need to get really clear of what, what it is that you want. And the second thing is that after the clarity is the first tiny step

that you need to move towards that mission that you really want. So whatever that thing, I think, I just do remember distinctly that call that I made, um, to the garden that I wanted to teach in.

And now I'm having one during summer, and actually I'm having one next Friday. So, um, during summer months and four months, I'm teaching there. And, uh, every time I can earn between $1,500 to $2,000, just for one workshop, two hours. So it's that call, that five minutes of coverage, that phone call, that makes me take off.

Jessica Craddock: And that one call led to, I don't know how I'm, like I couldn't even really count, but led to this opportunity and this opportunity and this opportunity. And then you followed this one, you followed this one, you followed this one and you just kept going. You only had to make one freaking phone call, and it was scary.

Helen Phlen: Yeah, it is.

Jessica Craddock: The things that are game changers are always the scary ones. So this is actually a nice segue into my next question, but what do you already have in place, whether it's skills or mindset or ideas that are going to help you get to that vision? What are, what are the things that you can say? I got these, this is mine.

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How do I grow my audience as an artist? – Helen Phlen EP05
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